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How much is a 1978 P dime worth?

How much is a 1978 P dime worth?

Value of 1978-P Roosevelt Dime These coins, baring a special circumstance, will be worth face value.

Does a 1978 dime have a mint mark?

1978 Roosevelt Dime – No Mint Mark.

What does the D stand for on a dime?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Roosevelt dime is the current dime, or ten-cent piece, of the United States. Struck by the United States Mint continuously since 1946, it displays President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the obverse and was authorized soon after his death in 1945.

Where is the D on a Mercury Dime?

The mintmark (“D” for Denver, “S” for San Francisco) can be found at the bottom of the reverse, just to the left of the fasces. Mercury Dimes were made through 1945, when a new dime was designed bearing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s image, in response to his death.

What is the most valuable US dime?

– Early in its production (1946-1964), Roosevelt Dimes were minted with a composition containing 90% silver. – The designer of the dime is John R. Sinnock. His initials can be found on the lower part of Roosevelt’s neckline. – Of all the modern coins in circulation, the Roosevelt Dime stands as the only coin to remain relatively unchanged.

What dimes are worth money?

What dime is worth over $1000000? The 1894-S Barber dime is a dime produced in the United States Barber coinage. It is one of the rarest and most highly prized United States coins for collectors, along with the 1804 dollar and the 1913 Liberty Head nickel.

What is the most valuable Dimes?

Early Dimes 1796-1837. 1827 Flat Top 1 in 10C.

  • Liberty Seated Dimes 1837-1891
  • Barber Dimes
  • Mercury Dimes
  • Roosevelt Dimes. A lot of us are looking for coins in our pocket change,and that’s a great way to start your search for the great rarities.
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