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What documents are required for Canadian passport renewal?

What documents are required for Canadian passport renewal?

You must provide proof that you need the passport

  • an airline, bus or train ticket.
  • a travel itinerary showing proof of payment.
  • proof of illness or death in the family requiring you to travel.
  • a written statement from you or a third party explaining why you need the passport.

How do I renew my Canadian passport in person?

You can submit your application at a Service Canada Centre or a passport office, depending on when you need your passport. We have new measures to help manage wait times at passport offices in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

When can I apply to renew my Canadian passport?

You can apply for a new passport up to 12 months before your current passport expires. Please note that if you apply for a new passport before your current passport expires, the unused validity period of your current passport will not be transferred to your new passport.

How much is a Canadian passport renewal?

How much does Canadian passport renewal cost? As of 2021, a standard five-year passport is $120 and a 10-year passport is $160. A children’s passport is $57. Additional fees for expedited services apply.

Can I renew my Canadian passport by mail?

To renew your passport, you can mail in your application or drop it off at a Service Canada Centre near you.

Do you need an appointment to renew your Canadian passport?

You must apply in person at a one of the 35 passport sites. A proof of travel or need is required. Appointments are recommended as walk-in service is offered only if capacity allows. Please book your appointment online at eServiceCanada.

How much does a Canadian passport cost 2022?

New fees & time limits While the previous 5-year passports cost $87, the price has increased to $120. The 10-year passport is $160, and the cost for a child up to 15 years is $57.

How much is a 10-year Canadian passport?

Canadian passports mailed or picked up outside Canada and the United States

Fee Price ($CAN)
10-year adult passport (16 years and older) Passport fee for Canadians living outside Canada and the United States $260.00

Can you go to the passport office to renew your passport?

You need to book a passport office appointment and pay online. You can book an appointment up to 3 weeks in advance. If you need a passport to travel urgently for medical treatment or because a friend or family member is seriously ill or has died, call the ‘Passport Adviceline’ instead.

How do I renew my passport in 2022?

Requirements for Renewal of Passport

  1. Confirmed Online Appointment.
  2. Accomplished Application Form.
  3. Personal appearance.
  4. Current ePassport with photocopy of data page.
  5. Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name. Marriage Contract. Annotated Birth Certificate.

How long does it take to get a passport in Canada 2022?

Processing times For a passport application submitted: in person at passport site (Service Canada Centre – Passport Service): It may take up to 2 weeks, plus mailing time. in person at a Service Canada Centre or by mail: It may take up to 10 weeks, plus mailing time.

Who can be a guarantor for a Canadian passport?

You need a guarantor for your travel document application. As long as they meet these requirements, your guarantor can be anyone, including a family member or member of your household. You don’t need a guarantor if you’re renewing your passport.

How long does it take to renew a Canadian passport?

Canadian passport renewal application form completed and signed on all pages

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship (birth certificate,certificate of citizenship original documents!)
  • Proof of identity (driver’s license,resident’s card,Canadian passport)
  • Two photos
  • How do you renew an expired Canadian passport?

    Renew your adult passport in Canada. 1. Complete the application form. Download the adult passport renewal application [PPTC 054] (PDF, 1.87 MB) Instructions and tips. Read the instructions at the end of the form to make sure you complete it properly. If you can’t open the form, follow these instructions.

    How to renew a damaged Canadian passport?

    – Two passport photos and one has to be signed by the guarantor – Proof of Canadian Citizenship and a document to prove your identity – The original fees of the passport whether new or for replacement. – An authorized declaration of the passport or Canadian travel document

    How to complete a Canadian passport application?

    Complete the passport application Gather your required documents and get your photos taken Get your guarantor to endorse your application: If you are a Canadian citizen applying for your first Canadian passport, or your current Canadian passport has been expired for more than 1 year , then you will need to find a guarantor .