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What word is opposite of opportunity?

What word is opposite of opportunity?

Opposite of a chance or possibility for progress or profit. adversity. disadvantage. bad break. catastrophe.

What is another way to say great opportunity?

Part of speech:

  • chance. (Countable) The probability of something happening.
  • suitable circumstance. Favorable circumstances.
  • fortuity. (Countable) A fortuitous event; an accident.
  • luck (related) Luck means someone’s good fortune.
  • event.
  • good-fortune.
  • happening.
  • probability.

What is the opposite of opportunistic?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for opportunistic. unaggressive, unassertive.

What’s another way to say great opportunity?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for opportunity, like: chance, suitable circumstance, fortuity, luck, event, good-fortune, happening, probability, room, contingency and befalling.

What is a positive word for opportunistic?

Sports commentators who call the skillful interceptor of a pass in football an “opportunist” are misusing the word. If you want to praise people for taking legitimate and skilled advantage of opportunities that spring up, it is better to call them “enterprising” or “quick-witted.”

What is the best synonym for opportunistic?


  • aggressive,
  • assertive,
  • high-flying,
  • overambitious,
  • pretentious,
  • pushy,
  • self-assertive.

How would you describe a good opportunity?

a chance to do something. good: amazing, excellent, exciting, fantastic, golden, good, great, huge, invaluable, major, superb, tremendous, valuable, wonderfulThis is a very exciting opportunity to be part of the leadership team.

Which is the closest synonym for the word opportunistic?

synonyms for opportunistic

  • sensitive.
  • sharp.
  • shrewd.
  • sly.
  • smooth.
  • suave.
  • subtle.
  • wily.

Can opportunistic be positive?

While illnesses like cancer are opportunistic in an exploitive way, people with illnesses can be opportunistic in an entirely different and positive way. A key component of being positively opportunistic is to follow the advice of that old cliché: It’s the little things that add up that can make a big difference.

What is a word for go getter?

Synonyms for go-getter. bootstrapper, go-ahead, highflier.

What means business opportunity?

A business opportunity (or bizopp) involves sale or lease of any product, service, equipment, etc. that will enable the purchaser-licensee to begin a business.