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How much is PLC per year?

How much is PLC per year?

Kindergarten to Year 2 $25,200 Years 3 and 4 $31,440 Years 5 and 6 $32,640 Year 7 $39,840 Years 8 to 10 $42,000 Years 11 and 12 $43,440 Overseas full fee paying students are also required to take out Overseas Student Health Cover prior to a Student Visa being granted.

How much does it cost to go to Sceggs Darlinghurst?

Schedule of Fees

Tuition Fee per Billing Tuition Fee per Annum
Years 1-2 $6,668 $26,672
Years 3-6 $7,851 $31,404
Years 7-8 $9,713 $38,852
Years 9-10 $9,813 $39,252

How much does Lauriston cost?

The School operates on a not for profit basis and a proportion of the fees charged may be used to support the operation of the Early Learning Centre (including 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten programs)….2022 Fees.

Student Year Level Tuition Fee Per Annum Tuition Fee Per Instalment
Year 12 $37,880 $9,470

How much does it cost to go to Scotch College Perth?

Fees include normal sport, physical education, laboratory, library and excursions up to Year 12 and compulsory camps up to and including Year 9….International Students*

Junior School
Years 1–5 Annual Tuition Fee $35,800
Years 7–12 Annual Tuition Fee $41,280
Boarding (Years 7–12)
Boarding Annual Boarding Fee $26,000

How much is PLC Perth?

Primary school fees at Presbyterian Ladies’ College – Perth

Grade/Year Fee
Prep $16,024
Grade 1 $17,652
Grade 2 $17,652
Grade 3 $19,388

What are the fees at Pymble Ladies College?

High school fees at Pymble Ladies College

Grade/Year Fee
Year 9 $34,558
Year 10 $34,558
Year 11 $35,005
Year 12 $35,005

What private schools are most expensive?

Top 25 Bay Area private schools by tuition cost: 2022

School Annual Tuition Cost
1 The Helix School Special Education School $55,000
2 Crystal Springs $54,445
3 Menlo School $53,430
4 Urban School of San Francisco $53,019

How much does Strathcona cost?

Strathcona has partnered with CompNow to provide a purchase platform. By Year 9, students are confident in their management and use of laptops at Strathcona….Prep to Year 12.

Junior School Per Annum
Prep $19,362
Year 1 $20,208
Year 2 $21,741
Year 3 $23,608

How much does private school cost in Perth?

Private Secondary School Fees In Perth

Perth Private Secondary School Fees Suburb Year 10
Wesley College South Perth $24,853
St Mary’S Anglican Girls’ School Karrinyup $22,800
Perth College Mount Lawley $23,472
Guildford Grammar School Guildford $22,495

How much is Santa Sabina?

The fees outlined below have been sourced from Santa Sabina College for 2022. Some schools may include additional costs beyond tuition fees….Primary school fees at Santa Sabina College.

Grade/Year Fee
Prep $15,960
Grade 1 $15,960
Grade 2 $15,960
Grade 3 $15,960

How much does Newington College Cost?

Enrolment Fee: $6,200 per day boy or $8,100 per boarder. The enrolment fee is required by the College before an enrolment can be confirmed. Enrolment fees have a non-refundable component of $5000. The balance of $1,200 is refundable.

How much is Tara Anglican School?

Primary school fees at Tara Anglican School for Girls

Grade/Year Fee
Prep $18,260
Grade 1 $20,050
Grade 2 $20,050
Grade 3 $22,654

Which state has the best education system in Australia?

In the traditional NSW/Victoria rivalry, it is Victoria however, that is ranked a little higher than NSW on percentage….Australia’s most educated areas.

Local Government Area
Bachelor or Higher degree Persons

What is the most expensive private school in Australia?

Victoria’s Geelong Grammar has been revealed as Australia’s most expensive school with parents having to fork out up to $43,660 a year in standard school fees. A new report from education finance company Edstart has also found Victoria has the highest average school costs in the nation followed by the ACT and NSW.

Why choose Presbyterian Ladies’ College?

From a quiet corner of Peppermint Grove, Western Australia, Presbyterian Ladies’ College is nurturing inquisitive girls with a global outlook.

Why choose a girls’ school in Perth?

PLC Perth is the only girls’ school in Western Australia to offer three pathways to tertiary education – the world-recognised International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme, the WA Certificate of Education (WACE) pathway and the vocational education pathway.

Can overseas students study at preservative Ladies’ College Sydney?

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney is registered by the NSW Board of Studies to accept overseas students (CRICOS Provider Code: 02280D).

What are the pre-kindergarten to Year 12 enrolment fees?

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 Enrolment Fees include a $200 Ex-Students’ Membership Fee. NB: PLC Sydney has partnered with Edstart to provide additional payment options for school fees. Edstart is a specialist education payments provider specifically designed to manage all education-related expenses in one place.