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Where is Stephen Moyer from?

Where is Stephen Moyer from?

Brentwood, United KingdomStephen Moyer / Place of birthBrentwood is a town in the Borough of Brentwood, in the county of Essex in the East of England. It is in the London commuter belt, situated 20 miles east-north-east of Charing Cross and close by the M25 motorway. In 2017, the population of the town was estimated to be 54,885. Wikipedia

Who is the actor Stephen Moyer?

Stephen Moyer (born Stephen John Emery; 11 October 1969) is an English film and television actor and director who is best known as vampire Bill Compton in the HBO series True Blood. He was born in Brentwood, Essex and attended St Martin’s, a comprehensive school in Hutton, Essex.

What has Stephen Moyer been in?

True Blood2008 – 2014Last Survivors2021After We Fell2021The Gifted2017 – 2019After Ever Happy2022Safe House2015 – 2017
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What movies does Stephen Moyer play in?

After We Fell2021Last Survivors2021After Ever Happy2022ConfessionThe Barrens2012Prince Valiant1997
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Where is Anna Paquin now?

Anna Paquin lives in LA with husband Stephen Moyer Anna lives in Los Angeles with husband Stephen Moyer and twins Charlie and Poppy. The celebrity couple prefer to keep their children out of the spotlight and Anna previously opened up about why fans are unlikely to see photos of her twins.

Where is Sookie now?

Paquin won a Golden Globe for playing Sookie. She recently starred on Netflix’s “Alias Grace” and will next appear in Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman.” She married her “True Blood” co-star Stephen Moyer in 2010.

Is Stephen Moyer still married?

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have been happily married since 2010, and while they have an incredible life, there is one aspect of their relationship that is difficult. In a rare Instagram post this week, the True Blood star shared a selfie of the pair together, alongside a heartfelt message.