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Who sang the Christmas song in Love Actually?

Who sang the Christmas song in Love Actually?

Olivia Olson
It’s been six years since Olivia Olson performed the second most-famous rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” as Joanna, “the one” for Sam (Thomas Sangster), in 2003’s Love Actually.

What song does Bill Nighy sing in Love Actually?

Make Someone HappyWill You Go, Lassie, GoThe Indian Upon GodNo Second TroyYou Really Got MeYou’d Better Use Your Head
Bill Nighy/Songs

What song is Hugh Grant dancing to in Love Actually?

In Love Actually, Grant plays David, the newly elected, charmingly awkward British PM. At one point, he lets loose after a difficult day, dancing throughout 10 Downing Street to the Pointer Sisters song “Jump (For My Love)” until he’s caught mid-move by a member of his staff.

Who did the Love Actually soundtrack?

Craig ArmstrongLove Actually / Music composed by

Are Daniel and Karen in Love Actually related?

The couple are friends with Jamie and Sarah. Harry is married to Karen, who is friends with Daniel and her brother is David, who works with Natalie.

What song is in Love Actually Emma Thompson?

Days in the SunSomething ThereNoble Maiden FairBe Our GuestThe Mob SongBeauty and the Beast
Emma Thompson/Songs

Did Hugh Grant do the dancing in Love Actually?

The delays were so frequent that Hugh didn’t record his Love Actually dance until the final day of production. Speaking of the scene, Hugh referred to himself as “grumpy” and described filming the scene as “absolute hell”.

Which version of jump is in Love Actually?

Alternate Versions (2) Then, during the second half of the end credits after the Clarkson song plays (for the second time in the US version) the UK version concludes with a cover of “Jump (For My Love)”, performed by Girls Aloud.

Is last Christmas in Love Actually?

The story begins five weeks before Christmas and is played out in a weekly countdown until the holiday, followed by an epilogue that takes place one month later.

Is Carol in Love Actually Claudia Schiffer?

Love Actually (2003) – Claudia Schiffer as Carol – IMDb.

Does Harry stay with Karen?

One fan of the movie decided there was no better time to ask THAT question, and Freud’s response finally tied up that old loose end. So yes, Karen and Harry stayed together.

Who sings both sides now on the Love Actually soundtrack?

Both Sides NowA Case Of YouBig Yellow TaxiHelp MeThe Circle GameCactus Tree
Joni Mitchell/Songs

What song does the Prime Minister dance to in Love Actually?

Jump (For My Love)
In the classic Richard Curtis festive film, Grant’s newly elected British Prime Minister dances through Number 10 to the tune of The Pointer Sister’s ‘Jump (For My Love)’.