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Why did Static-X break up?

Why did Static-X break up?

STATIC-X broke up for the second and final time in June 2013 after Wayne failed to reach an agreement with Campos about Static’s continued use of the STATIC-X brand in connection with Wayne’s solo band.

Is Static-X death metal?

Founded by Static in 1994, Static-X became one of the more well-known nu metal acts beginning with their platinum-selling 1999 debut LP Wisconsin Death Trip, which boasted the single “Push It.” Known for his impossibly spiky hair and long chin beard, Static and his band would release five more studio albums over the …

What happen to Static-X?

In an interview done on November 26, 2013, it was confirmed that Static-X disbanded in June 2013. According to Static, the disputes between himself and the band’s former bassist Tony Campos over the rights to the band name had gone too far, forcing him to disband the four-piece.

Why did Tera Wray suicide?

After Wayne’s death from alcohol + prescription drugs overdose in November 2014, Tera was bombarded with spiteful messages and comments from many Static-X fans, who blamed her for causing the breakup inside the band and tempting Wayne to dive into a typical sex-drugs-and-rock’n’roll lifestyle that eventually led to his …

Why did Rob Zombie change his name?

Zombie took the stage name “Rob Zombie” from a 1932 horror film titled White Zombie, starring Bela Lugosi (the movie title was also the source for the band name, “White Zombie”, Rob Zombie’s initial musical endeavor).

When did Static-X cult of static come out?

Cult of Static is the sixth studio album by industrial metal band Static-X. It was released on March 17, 2009 via Reprise Records. The album’s first single “Stingwray” was released and made available on the band’s MySpace page on February 17, 2009.

What is the difference between cannibal and cult of static?

Cult of Static continued the band’s use of guitar solos and the songs feature more samples and electronic sounds than the previous album, Cannibal. “Stingwray” is available on iTunes and on Static-X’s Myspace.

What was Static-X’s last album?

This would be Static-X’s last studio album for eleven years, as well as the last to feature drummer Nick Oshiro and founding member and vocalist Wayne Static during his lifetime, though the latter’s posthumously released work was included on the band’s 2020 album Project: Regeneration Vol. 1.