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What is a Napoleon pocket on a jacket?

What is a Napoleon pocket on a jacket?

“Napoleon Pocket: Named after the diminutive French autocrat, this breast pocket keeps snacks and maps at the ready, especially if it’s located outside the main zipper.” (Here it’s worth noting that Napoleon wasn’t technically French.

What is a sleeve pocket for?

5,826,273 includes pockets placed about everywhere on the garment, and more particularly on top of the shoulders, at the arm junction. The purpose of this pocket system is to place heating elements as close to the body as possible. Because the garment is skintight, the pockets are affixed to the exterior thereof.

What is blazer pocket called?

pocket square
The term pocket square (or the less common pocket handkerchiefs) is used to refer to an accessory that has an ornamental role: made with precious and refined materials, it must be carried in the pocket of the jacket or blazer and serves to characterize the look and the style of a male outfit.

What is the pocket inside a jacket called?

These may also appear as a breast pocket, which is really informal on a suit. Flap pockets are hidden beneath the surface of the suit jacket except for a flap of cloth covering them. These are the most common or default suit pocket type.

What is a chest pocket used for?

Men chose to use their breast pocket for their handkerchief because it was cleaner and less cluttered than other pockets. Pants pockets were often filled to capacity as they were a place for watches, money, and cigarette lighters.

Why is a bomber jacket called a bomber jacket?

The first pilot bomber jackets were made of leather and fur, both highly insulating materials that were well-suited to the cold, open-air cockpits of WWI bomber planes. What we know as the bomber jacket today likely got its name from these aircrafts and their pilots.

What is a coin pocket?

The small patch pocket on the front is most commonly known as the ‘coin pocket,’ but some call it the watch pocket or the match pocket. It’s a common misbelieve that the coin pocket is the fifth pocket, meaning the one to have been added last.

What’s a teddy jacket?

It’s a plush, fuzzy-looking, and super cozy jacket that is usually made out of faux fur. (Sometimes the fur is real, too, but mostly it’s synthetics that resemble a teddy bear’s fluff.)