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Why is Jack Harlow so popular?

Why is Jack Harlow so popular?

As a Kentucky MC with a sturdy punchlines, pop crossover appeal, serious buy-in from rap fans and a slightly goofy streak, Harlow does not have an analog in mainstream hip-hop — and that’s what’s made him reach the enviable platform he stands on today.

Who signed Jack Harlow?

Atlantic RecordsWarner Music Australia
Jack Harlow/Record labels

Starting from 2015, Harlow had released several EPs and mixtapes before he was signed to Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s record label Generation Now in 2018, an imprint of Atlantic Records. Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. Harlow’s first major breakthrough came with the release of his 2020 single, “Whats Poppin”.

Who wrote First Class Jack Harlow?

Jack HarlowFergiePolow da DonRogét
First Class/Composers

Who is signed to YSL label?

300 Entertainm…YSL / 300 Entertainm…
Young Stoner Life Records/Record labels

Is YNW Melly in YSL?

Several contemporary artists, such as Lil Baby (who used to be signed to the label), Lil Gotit, YNW Melly, Lil Uzi Vert, Nav, and Travis Scott, have expressed allegiance to YSL, but are not contractually signed….

YSL Records
Founded 2016
Founder Young Thug
Distributor(s) 300 Elektra Entertainment
Genre Hip hop, trap

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