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Will there be a Btd battles 3?

Will there be a Btd battles 3?

After 319 days, 32 Million plays and countless requests for a sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 2, Ninja Kiwi is proud to present Bloons Tower Defense 3. This time, use the all new towers and upgrades to work your way through 8 all new tracks and 3 difficulty modes to achieve that total Bloon popping satisfaction.

Where can I play btd3?

Bloons Tower Defense 3 – Play it now at Coolmath Games.

What is the best strategy in Bloons TD battles?

Strategy 1: (Ninja, Sniper, Optional, Optional) Upgrade it to 2/1 as fast as possible starting with seeking shuriken. Start spamming bloons in a pattern (2 grouped then 1 spaced and repeat). If your opponent sends bloons: Place another ninja and upgrade it to 2/2 while upgrading the other one to 2/2 as well.

Will Btd battles 2 be on mobile?

Update 1.0. 6 is rolling out now – Final Patch Notes! The long-awaited 1.0. 6 update is now rolling out on iOS, Android & Steam.

What Bloons games are free?


  • Monkey Bounce.
  • Monkey Bubble Shooter.
  • Banana Jungle.
  • AdventureIsland.
  • Banana Run.
  • Bananamania.
  • Tommy the Monkey Pilot.
  • What kills black MOABs?

    bomb towers that are village radar boosted can help beat them up, as well as lots of spike factories that have the red-hot nails upgrade. Pros put alchemist support to increase damage againt foetified and moabs. Super monkies specially sun avatar are effective against them just, not on their own.

    Where is Ninja Kiwi based?

    Auckland, New Zealand
    Privately-owned Ninja Kiwi is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Its games include the Bloons Tower Defense games. MTG recently established a new holding company for its gaming business, MTG Gaming, to hold acquisitions – such as Hutch and Ninja Kiwi – and all its shares in gaming firms InnoGames and Kongregate.

    How do you beat DDT in BTD Battles 2?

    The best defense against DDTs involves the use of Monkey Intelligence Bureau, the only way to make towers that normally pop only one of Lead or Black to pop both.

    What does DDT stand for in BTD6?

    Dark Dirigible Titan
    Round 90 Pre-Round Comment in BTD 6. The Dark Dirigible Titan (DDT) is a MOAB-Class Bloon that first debuted in Bloons Monkey City and has subsequently appeared in every Bloons TD game since.

    Is the Robo Monkey better than the Sun God?

    Robo Monkeys can dent several BFBS to nothing while the Sun God leaves some of them laying around into cermaics or zebras. A robo monkey can dent a ZOMG much better than the Sun God. The Robo Monkey is 3/5 the cost of Sun Gods, so you can have several robo monkeys instead of getting a few Sun Gods.