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How much is salary in Concentrix?

How much is salary in Concentrix?

The average Concentrix monthly salary ranges from approximately Php 14,400 per month for Support Associate to Php 61,957 per month for SalesForce Administrator.

What kind of company is Concentrix?

Concentrix is an IT company providing technology solutions to clients worldwide with its headquarters in Fremont, California. This BPO firm also provides services in Brazil, China, Japan, and South Korea. They specialize in design, marketing, business processes, and customer management solutions.

Is Concentrix a BPO or IT company?

Concentrix is an American business services company specializing in customer engagement and business performance. Concentrix was a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX) since 2006 and went public as an independent company on December 1, 2020.

What are the works in Concentrix?

CX Strategy. Customer Experience Strategy. Experience Design. Digital Transformation.

  • CX Talent. Content Trust & Safety.
  • CX Technology. Digital Self-Service & Cloud. Cloud Engineering. Digital Engineering. Experience Platforms. Automation & Operations. Data & Analytics. Voice of the Customer Solutions.
  • What is Concentrix famous for?

    Concentrix, Corporation (Nasdaq: CNXC) is a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) solutions and technology, improving business performance for some of the world’s best brands including over 100 Fortune Global 500 clients and over 125 new economy clients.

    Why should I join Concentrix?

    About Concentrix Concentrix is one that welcomes freshers with full respect. They will help you in giving a good start to your career. The company also provide great opportunities for their employees to increase their growth. You can also get good compensation and environment to work if you get selected in Concentrix.

    What is Concentrix interview questions?

    Questions Asked in the previous interview of Concentrix.

    • Introduce yourself and tell me about your background.
    • How was your weekend?
    • Why are you opting for the Concentrix?
    • What do you understand by BPO?
    • Tell me about your job profile, role, and responsibilities on the previous job.
    • What are your salary expectations?

    How do I clear my Concentrix interview?

    Rounds of the interview Round 1 (With HR): This is the first round where your basic skills are tested. Here, the HR will ask some general questions to you like your introduction, why are you applying for Concentrix, etc. If you have good communication skills then you can easily crack this round.

    Does Concentrix hire students?

    No they are not accepting. they need college graduates and full time.

    Is Concentrix good for freshers?

    Good company for freshers The work environment is good. One will get to learn new things and will be encouraged to do better. Cultural activities and indoor game competitions also conducted to make work bit of stress relief. Overall a good company to start with.

    Is BPO good for freshers?

    Taking a job in BPO for a fresher is a great way to gain experience and develop new skill sets that will help in the future. It is one of the most popular industries in India. It is an industry where a fresher can have an extreme option in terms of salary and as well in knowledge.

    Why Concentrix Visakhapatnam?

    “This new facility underscores our commitment to generating employment and adding to the skills of the local workforce,” said Ravinder Singh Rana, Country General Manager, Concentrix India. “We believe Visakhapatnam is a high potential business growth sector for us at Concentrix and plan to boost the workforce further.

    Is it easy to work in Concentrix?

    Yes, it will be very easy to work in concentrix with lot of fun and joy. We can easily work over their without any stress and pain to work. Alo the managers and colleagues are very friendly. Was this review helpful? I had a great learning and got growth in this company. Company really follows the culture and values.

    How big is Concentrix’s second facility in India?

    With the opening of a second facility – 40,000 square feet – the company intends to do more hiring over the next two years. “This new facility underscores our commitment to generating employment and adding to the skills of the local workforce,” said Ravinder Singh Rana, Country General Manager, Concentrix India.

    What is your review of Concentrix office on VIP Road?

    The staff at Concentrix office on VIP road lack Civic sense and are a nuisance. They come in batches and smoke outside my house. On arrival of the cops, they fled but return after a few hours.