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What are the features of LG V10?

What are the features of LG V10?

The award-winning LG V10 was a featured product at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. IPS Quantum Display with Second Screen, Manual Mode for Still & Video Camera, Steady Record, Quick Video Editor & Snap Video Mode, Quick Share, Fingerprint ID Not available with some camcorder settings. Available only on front-facing camera or camcorder.

What is the LG V10’s second screen?

With the two screens of the LG V10, convenience has never looked so good. The always-on Second Screen provides quick access to notifications and features, without interrupting activity on the main screen.

What is the LG V10™ in space black?

With enhanced videography and editing features, superior audio functionality and seamless social sharing, the LG V10™ in Space Black gives you the power to capture events as they unfold and share them with just the touch of a button.

Is the LG V10 military compliant?

The LG V10 is compliant with a military standards test (MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6, Procedure IV “Transit Drop”). Device may not perform as tested in all conditions.

What kind of camera does LG V10 vs990 have?

Plus, with high-resolution dual front-facing cameras, an f/1.8 lens for more detailed images, even in low light, and a manual mode that gives you the ultimate in control – the LG V10™ VS990 makes it easy to shoot like a pro.

Does the LG V10 support Quick Charge?

Learn how to recycle your old batteries. The LG V10 is compatible with Quick Charge 2.0, so you can spend less time charging up and more time on the go. We’re here to support you with our product.

What can I do with a spare LG V10 battery?

Sweeten the pot with a spare LG V10 battery, and it’s out with the old and in with the new for seemingly unlimited connectivity on-the-go. Add a charging cradle and you can power up your LG battery or use it as a power source to charge USB compatible devices, like tablets and smartphones.