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What color is Lennon granite?

What color is Lennon granite?

Lennon granite is a unique and memorable granite stone, with its blue undertone and shades of brown and grey throughout. The bedrock is white, providing Lennon granite with its light-colored background.

What level is Lennon granite?

Lennon is a fantastically exotic style of granite. Not necessarily rare, but packed with uneven color palettes that mean your kitchen will be impossibly unique. Brown, white, black and grey against a backdrop of white….FAQ:

Weight 5 lbs
Color Group Black, Brown, White
Stock Level Quickship

What level is viscon white granite?

Viscount White granite; its hardness in the Mohs scale is 7. To put it into perspective, soapstone is 2, and marble is 4, most granite is 6, quartzite is 7 or 8.

Is fantasy brown granite?

Fantasy Brown is quarried in Rajasthan, the Northern Region of India. It is a sedimentary stone, which is why it can’t technically be considered a granite. Fantasy Brown is quickly becoming a popular choice in American kitchens.

Is viscon white granite expensive?

Depending upon the lot you get, granite fabricator, and project details, the price of Viscount White will vary between $45 to $60 sq. Ft.

Is fantasy brown more expensive than granite?

It all depends on what type of granite you are comparing it to and what slab yards you visit and purchase the stone from. Fantasy Brown can range anywhere from $60-75 per square foot installed, and that price point will put it higher than a stone than Uba Tuba Granite, Luna Pearl Granite, or Santa Cecilia Granite.

Is fantasy brown too busy?

Fantasy Brown is a lovely natural stone, that is known for its diagonal movement, swirls, and veins. It strikes the perfect balance between interesting movement and over-the-top busyness. Like marble, it contains calcium carbonate, and has a similar color palette of cream, white, tan, brown, light grey, and dark grey.

How do I get my granite white again?

Steps to Fix the Discoloration:

  1. Apply a small amount of baby oil to a clean white rag.
  2. Rub it over the lighter spot (or a portion thereof).
  3. If the oil darkens the counter and you like the look, use Stone Color Enhancer to make it permanent.
  4. First, make sure the area is clean and free from debris or residue.