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What does Trimble company do?

What does Trimble company do?

Trimble sells products and services into the following industries: land survey, construction, agriculture, transportation, telecommunications, asset tracking, mapping, railways, utilities, mobile resource management, and government.

What software does Trimble use?

Trimble Positions™ Desktop offers a seamless integration into the Esri® environment for Esri users who utilize Trimble TerraSync™ as their field software solution, providing streamlined data collection straight into their GIS.

What is Trimble Paas?

Trimble Platform as a Service is a flexible, all inclusive and connected construction solution bundled into a predictable contract.

How does Trimble GPS work?

Trimble uses Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment to give the contractor centimeter-level accuracy with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology. This technology requires your GPS fleet have a base station and a rover. The base station is set up over a known point and remains stationary during your daily operations.

Is Trimble a good company?

Trimble is a very good company to work with, it has a very balanced work-life culture. Although it has a small setup in Pune as an Organization it has very good policies.

Is Trimble owned by Google?

3D modelling tool SketchUp is no longer a part of Google, as the company has sold the business to Trimble Navigation. The deal includes both the team members and the technology at SketchUp, which will be used to enhance Trimble’s range of navigation, surveying, and mapping equipment.

Is Trimble owned by Caterpillar?

“Trimble and Caterpillar have a 25-year partnership, which continues to enable each of us to grow our digital capabilities and provide industry leading solutions to customers around the world,” said Ogi Redzic, Caterpillar’s chief digital officer, in a prepared statement.

What company owns Trimble?

The Vanguard Group, Inc. SSgA Funds Management, Inc. Impax Asset Management Ltd. PRIMECAP Management Co.

Is Trimble account free?

Trimble Connect is FREE for every user of Tekla Structures with maintenance or Tekla Subscription. Trimble Connect is the new way of collaboration and sharing information about BIM projects for architects, engineers, general contractors, investors & owners.

Is SketchUp safe?

Yes, SketchUp extensions are safe as long as you download them from a reputable source. Sketchup is a very popular 3D modeling program that allows users to create 3D models of anything they can imagine.

How much is Trimble?

The pricing for Trimble Connect starts at $8.33 per user per month. Trimble Connect has 2 different plans: BUSINESS at $8.33 per user per month. BUSINESS PREMIUM at $250.00 per user per year.

Who are Trimble competitors?

Trimble competitors include Hexagon Geospatial, Palantir Technologies, Autodesk, Esri and Vectorworks.

Where is Trimble HQ located?

Sunnyvale, CATrimble / Headquarters
Trimble Corporate Locations & Headquarters. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, U.S., we serve customers around the globe. Our offices, fulfillment centers, manufacturing, services, research and development (R&D) centers, and related facilities total more than 152 locations worldwide in 34 countries.

How do I get a Trimble account?

Go to and select Create an account.

  1. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email details, and then select Send Code.
  2. Now, you will enter a password and confirm the password.

How do I get a Trimble ID?

To create a Trimble Identity visit Product Services, Trimble Easy Access or another Trimble site and click Sign in. From the Trimble Identity Sign in page, click on Create new Trimble ID. Enter your information. You will then receive an email asking you to activate your account.

Is SketchUp owned by Google?