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What tattoo shop does Sarah from Ink Master work at?

What tattoo shop does Sarah from Ink Master work at?

the Wyld Chyld Tattoo studio
A work of art that took Pittsburgh tattoo artist Sarah Miller more than five years to complete. Owner of the Wyld Chyld Tattoo studio in Pittsburgh, Miller is an internationally recognized tattoo artist who was also the runner-up in the second season of the TV show Ink Master.

What happened to Sarah Miller after Ink Master?

After the end of Ink Master Season Two, Sarah launched herself into traveling the world, attending conventions, both national and international, competing against some of the best artists in the field and bringing home numerous awards.

Who is Sarah Miller?

Sarah Miller is the Executive Director and Founder of the American Economic Liberties Project.

How many times was Sarah on Ink Master?

Tattoo artist, world traveler, watch me on TV! Inkmaster seasons 2, 7, and 12! Olivia!

Did Sarah Miller ever win Ink Master?

The winner of the second season of Ink Master was Steve Tefft, with Sarah Miller being the runner-up.

Is Sarah Miller mentally ill?

Sarah Miller was ex-wife to then-widower Richard Miller and mother to Colin Miller, who was mentally disabled. She had a hard time with Richard, but loved Colin and his friend Nathan Hicks….Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop.

Sarah Miller
Status Deceased (1993)

When was Sarah Miller born?

Personal. Born 1969, in Lenox, MA.

Where does Sarah Miller work?

Wyld Chyld Tattoo
Get is a tattoo artist who was featured in season two of Ink Master. She also made an appearance in season three as a human canvas. She owns her own shop, Wyld Chyld Tattoo, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

How old is Joel’s daughter?

Sarah (Hana Hayes) is Joel’s twelve-year-old daughter, whom he had when he was in his late teens, and the game’s first playable character.

How did Sarah Sarah become a tattoo artist?

Sarah began her professional career as an artist after she graduated Magna cum Laude from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2008 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design. While attending the Art Institute, she apprenticed under Alex Branwin (AKA Ashley Claypool), setting her on the path to become a tattoo artist.

Sarah Miller is an International Award Winning Tattoo Artist, Reality Star, Cat Mom, and all-around awesome, humble person. Sarah also has an artistic background in painting which shows through her captivating portrait pieces.

Who is Sarah from Ink Master?

She says that what she enjoys more than anything is illustrating through her tattoo work, expanding the medium and pushing the boundaries of what is considered tattoo art. Sarah was the runner-up on season two of Ink Master . Sarah was tattooed by Kyle Dunbar in season three.