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Who is new on General Hospital?

Who is new on General Hospital?

Viron Weaver was introduced in December 2021 as the newest recast of Michael’s son. He took over the role of the twin actors Caleb and Kyler Ends. Weaver is also known for his roles in Fame-ish and BearCity 3.

How do you comment on General Hospital?


  1. Frank Valentini, Executive Producer.
  2. Jean Passanante & Shelly Altman Co- Head Writer’s.
  3. Any GH Actor (Substitute the name of the actor for “Any GH Actor”)
  4. General Hospital Comment Line: 323-671-4583.
  5. Soap Opera Digest.
  6. ABC Soaps In Depth Magazine.

Is there going to be a new Jason on General Hospital?

Six months after General Hospital killed off Jason (again), it would appear — but only appear — that ABC’s one and only daytime drama has recast the pivotal role with Josh Kelly.

Is General Hospital over?

On April 14, 2011, ABC announced the cancellation of both All My Children and One Life to Live, leaving General Hospital as the last remaining soap opera airing on the network after January 13, 2012. The show celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 1, 2013, and its 15,000th episode on June 22, 2022.

Which soap opera has the highest ratings?

Search for Tomorrow 16.1 (Current record for daytime soap ratings)

  • Love of Life 15.1.
  • Hawkins Falls 13.7.
  • The Guiding Light 11.3.
  • Why is ‘General Hospital’ showing reruns?

    Why is ‘General Hospital’ showing reruns? As you probably have already guessed, General Hospital is stuck showing reruns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Production was halted on the show — as with pretty much every television show — in March of 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic started to spread.

    What happened yesterday on General Hospital?

    There has been footage of him shown in the stairwell in General Hospital with blood coming from his head. It was inferred that he was pushed, and given how the show ended yesterday, it appears that Finn (Michael Easton) could have been the culprit. However, there has been no confirmation that Wes Ramsey is out at General Hospital.

    Is General Hospital still on TV?

    General Hospital. Watch full episodes online. Select an episode below or record this series. The wealthy Quartermaine family continues to be a looming presence in the town of Port Charles, with interests in much of the city’s business. Characters come and go, but viewers can always count on at least one Quartermaine or Spencer to create havoc.

    How can I watch General Hospital episodes?

    S59 E71 –

  • S59 E70 – Wednesday December 22 2021
  • S59 E69 – Tuesday December 21 2021