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Can you use Spell Factory when upgrading?

Can you use Spell Factory when upgrading?

If you upgrade the Spell Factory while it is creating a spell, the spell will continue brewing during the upgrade, and will be available as soon as they are complete. It is not possible to start creating new elixir spells during the upgrade.

Does Dark Spell Factory increase spell storage?

The Dark Spell Factory adds one spell storage capacity to the total spell storage capacity upon construction, but adds no more when it’s upgraded.

How long does the Spell Factory take to build?

Spell Factory

Level Cost Build Time
1 150,000 0 days 8 hours
2 300,000 1 day
3 600,000 2 days
4 1,200,000 3 days 12 hours

What should I Max First in th9?

First get the queen,Upgrade your lab, your Clan Castle. Then Tesla Tower,Archer Tower,Wizard Tower. First upgrade your teslas and ad. side by side keep upgrading your troops first wizard, then loons and then dark troops.

What is the max level Dark Spell Factory for th9?

Both the spell factory and the dark spell factory have a max level of 4. The dark barracks, dark elixir drills, and dark elixir storage have a max level of 6.

How do I hold more spells in COC?

Spells are created in the Spell Factory. Upgrade your Spell Factory to get more spells and to be able to hold more spells. You can also research spells in the Laboratory to make them more powerful.

How long does it take to max out clash of clans without gems?

If a player has a gold pass and is quite active, the player would be able to max Town Hall 14 in less than twelve months. But, if one has less than four builders and does not play the game much, one would take more than one and a half years to max TH14 completely.

What is the spelling of COC?

Clash of Clans is a 2012 free-to-play mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell.