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Who has the highest APM Starcraft 2?

Who has the highest APM Starcraft 2?

Park Sung-Joon is noted for the record APM of 818. However, given that the majority of APMs are repetitions of orders already given, APM is not always considered an accurate indication of skill.

What is a good APM in Starcraft 2?

Around 100 APM is good enough, even then, avoid spamming clicks until you be seriously good with macro, no point doing marine splits if you’re behind in production and upgrades. Are you playing Protoss? Habits: , someone with under 100 apm can be more efficient than someone with 300 apm.

Is APM important in StarCraft 2?

While APM is important, it’s only vital at the upper skill levels. A more pressing skill for players at any level is the precision of movement – the ability to make meaningful actions.

What is high APM?

A high or “fast” APM in StarCraft 2 is 400 to 500 actions per minute. During peak moments of gameplay, professional players may exceed 800 APM.

How much APM do Starcraft players have?


APM Description
~50 Casual player
~75 Experienced player
~150 Proficient player
>200 Proficient player with superfluous actions

Why do pro Starcraft players click so much?

Most pro players do it to “warm up” their fingers early in the game. That way, when they need to produce tons of meaningful actions in the mid-to-late game, they are “limber”.

Who is the best Starcraft 2 player?

These are the top StarCraft 2 players, looking at all players internationally: 1. Maru In terms of who is the best StarCraft player, Maru might be the single best one around at the moment. Maru originally came to prominence as being one of the most successful players at the youngest age. He won a televised game at only 13.

Is SC2 still worth playing?

After more than a decade from its release, SC2 is still going strong with a healthy loyal player base. With many great players coming and going over the years, who exactly is the best right now?

How much money do you get for winning the DreamHack SC2 Masters?

Of course, his most notable achievement is winning the DreamHack SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Europe, taking home the 1st place prize of $13,375. What’s more impressive, though, is that he came on top of other beasts like Reynor and Serral in this tournament.