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Can you fish at goddard Park?

Can you fish at goddard Park?

The 1,680-acre Lake Wilhelm is a warmwater fishery. Common species are: Largemouth bass.

How big is Lake Wilhelm?

Lake Wilhelm is a 1,724-acre impoundment located in Maurice K Goddard State Park, Mercer County. The lake contains a wide variety of fish species that offer diverse year-round angling opportunities.

What kind of fish are in Lake Wilhelm?

Conveniently located off I-79, Lake Wilhelm is a 1,740 acre reservoir in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania. Fish here for bass, walleye, crappie, muskellunge, bluegill, catfish, northern pike, perch and sunfish. The lake is open to all boats with plenty of boat ramps, parking and marina slips.

Is Goddard park salt water?

Visitors to Goddard Memorial State Park can enjoy saltwater swimming and fishing at the public beach.

Can you bring a grill to Goddard park?

Picnic Sites – $5.00 per table. Gazebo B (includes 6 tables and 2 grills) $95.00 per day. Shelter F (includes 10 tables and 2 grills) $100.00 per day.

What are the five largest lakes in Pennsylvania?

With miles of forests encapsulating pristine waters, Pennsylvania’s lakes are a treasure trove for visitors, offering up myriad opportunities for boating and swimming in the summertime.

  • Lake Erie.
  • Allegheny Reservoir.
  • Pymatuning Lake.
  • Beltzville Lake.
  • Lake Nockamixon.

What is the horsepower limit on Lake Wilhelm?

20 horsepower motors permitted The 1,680-acre Lake Wilhelm has a 241-slip marina and a 48-space dry land mooring area available from May 1 to October 31. The marina has: 250 car parking spaces. 121 car/trailer parking spaces.

What is the largest man-made lakes in Pennsylvania?

The largest man-made lake built by the Army Corps of Engineers in Pennsylvania is Raystown Lake. It is also the second largest man-made lake in the state, at 8,000 acres. In Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania Raystown Lake is part of a 29,000-acre project that serves as a home for recreation in the area.

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