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What does .pro mean?

What does .pro mean?

Pro is a Latin root word meaning for. If you make a list of pros and cons, you are listing the reasons for doing something and the reasons not to, respectively. Pro is also the shortened form of the word “professional,” often referring to professional sports.

What is the meaning of like a pro?

Explanation: The phrase ‘like a pro’ is generally used to denote a person, who is not that trained but still can perform to a level equivalent to that of a professional in any field. The word, ‘pro’ is used to denote someone who aces or is a great expert in any field.

What is the meaning of pro and anti?

Our lives is made up of decisions and choices and each and every one of us uses the ANTI (or AGAINST) and also the PRO (or FOR) approach every day, most of the time not knowing it and without giving it too much of a thought.

What is the opposite of pro?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for pro. inexpert, lay, nonprofessional, unprofessional.

What does pro mean in text?

: on the affirmative side : in affirmation much has been written pro and con. pro. preposition. Definition of pro (Entry 3 of 7) : in favor of : for.

What is the opposite of noob?

What is the opposite of noob?

adept crackajack
sharp ace
expert hotshot
master past master
professional whiz

What is another word for Noob?

What is another word for noob?

newbie newb
novice nub
n00b beginner
apprentice neophyte
tyro greenhorn

What is pro player?

A pro player is a professional sportsman or woman. You can also use pro to refer to sports that are played by professional sportsmen or women. [US] …a former college and pro basketball player. Corsin played pro football for nine years.

What is the word con?

1 : an argument or evidence in opposition. 2 : the negative position or one holding it an appraisal of the pros and cons. con. adverb.

Is Ki full form?

I S (Indian Standard) Indian Standard is known as I S. The Bureau of Indian Standards is the National Standards Body of India under Department of Consumer affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India.

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What other dictionaries can I find on UrduPoint?

Other dictionaries include Merriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English and Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners. Q. What type of dictionaries can I find on UrduPoint?