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What does your crew motto mean?

What does your crew motto mean?

The crew has the motto “Nice, But not Nice. But still Nice!” as a sort of message to make you think, and also confuse, with the actual meaning of choose yourself if you want to be nice or not nice, hence the name of the crew. The crew was originally created by “SCOdoubleT16” when on Xbox 360.

How do you fix your crew emblem on GTA Online?

Crew Emblems not visible in GTA Online on the Rockstar Games Launcher

  1. Sign in to the Rockstar Games Launcher.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Grand Theft Auto V from the list under My Installed Games.
  4. Under Verify game file integrity, select Verify Integrity.

How do you make a crew emblem without background?

Answer: You can make the background of Social Club emblems transparent. The bottom-most square in the color picker on the left hand side of the Editor controls the color of your background layer. Click that box and select the option with the diagonal red line to make your background transparent.

How do I publish my crew emblem?

I made a custom Emblem, and I go to Publish it to my Crew.

  1. I go to the Social Club.
  2. I go to Crews.
  3. I go to Emblem Editor.
  4. I scroll down to my Emblem.
  5. I hover over my Emblem.
  6. I click “Publish”.
  7. Social Club pops up “Publish This Emblem?”

Can you put your crew emblem on clothes?

Yes, you can add your crew emblem to the front or back of jackets and shirts, you can do it through clothes stores.

How long does it take for the crew emblem to change?

Help needed. on the top of the Rockstar page and then go back to crews and click manage crew. Wait 15, at most 30 minutes and it should be changed.

How do you change your crew name on GTA 5?

Answer: Social Club Crew names are permanent and cannot be changed, so please make sure to choose your Crew’s name wisely. If you’d like to have a Crew with a different name, you will need to create an entirely new Crew.