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What is WCAS at Northwestern?

What is WCAS at Northwestern?

The Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences (WCAS or Weinberg College) is the largest of the twelve schools comprising Northwestern University, located in Evanston, Illinois and downtown Chicago, Illinois. It was established in 1851 and today comprises 25 departments and many specialty programs.

What is formal studies Northwestern?

The area of formal studies introduces you to concepts, methods, and the use of formal rules of inference.

Does Northwestern have a language requirement?

Yes. Language courses may be used to satisfy the three-credit humanities and fine arts requirement or the additional distribution requirement. Students must demonstrate proficiency equivalent to work covered in the third course in the second year sequence in a foreign language.

What makes Northwestern special?

Located in Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University is known as an “Ivy of the Midwest.” The school features prestigious, top-tier programs in academics and performing arts, all while being a member of the Big 10 athletic conference.

Does Northwestern accept AP credit?

You may receive Northwestern credit for your Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores and/or be able to skip introductory courses in some sequences. Please follow these procedures to ensure that your AP / IB credits are properly transferred.

What does formal study mean?

Formal study, as outlined in HR16 (Item “b” under “Purpose of Leave”) shall mean study leading to a degree, certificate, or license, or acquisition of expertise clearly necessary for the conduct of University assignments.

Does Northwestern require 4 years of foreign language?

English: 4 full-year courses. Foreign language: a minimum of 2 full-year courses of one foreign language.

Does Northwestern require 2 years of foreign language?

More information on language study at Northwestern The brochure is available at the webpage for the Council on Language Instruction. All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English at a level that is equivalent to two years of college-level language instruction.

Does IB like Northwestern?

Northwestern grants credit for sufficiently high scores on most HL (Higher Level) IB exams. For more information, contact the Weinberg College Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising.

Does Northwestern accept 3s for AP exam?

Northwestern accepts scores of 3, 4 & 5 on the AP® exams for credit.

What is different between informal and formal research?

Formal research is a type of research study conducted using a systematic approach and scientific methods while informal research is the use of nonscientific methods to gather and analyze data.

What is difference between formal and informal learning?

Formal learning is usually an organized activity in a classroom setting. Informal learning, on the other hand, is usually unstructured, spontaneous, and, very often, unintentional. If informal learning comes consciously with a defined purpose, it becomes non-formal.

What does WCAS stand for?

The Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) measures the level of proficiency that Washington students have achieved based on the Washington State 2013 K-12 Science Learning Standards, which are the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

How many courses do I need to take for distribution credit?

You must take two (one-quarter) courses in each of six broad areas of intellectual inquiry. Review the lists of courses approved for distribution credit for this academic year or past years. Some courses can count toward more than one distribution area, subject to certain rules and limitations.

What are distribution courses?

Why are distribution courses required? Courses in each distribution area share subject matter, ways of acquiring new information, evaluative criteria, and modes of analysis.