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How do I configure Solution Manager?

How do I configure Solution Manager?

Post Installation Steps for ABAP:

  1. Logon to System.
  2. Perform the automated initial setup.
  3. Install the SAP license.
  4. Perform the consistency check.
  5. Configure the Transport Management System.
  6. You perform post-installation steps for the application server ABAP. Upload and set system profiles using transaction RZ10.

How do I find the Solution Manager version?

You can find the Solution Manager version by clicking on System –> Status from any screen once you login. In the opened window, under SAP System Data, for the first field Component version you can see the Solution Manager version.

How do I use solution manager in SAP?

Process Flow

  1. The Roadmaps contain all the information about project phases and implementation of the project.
  2. You start to use the SAP solution manager towards the end of the evaluation phase.
  3. Set the project scope in the project definition.
  4. Define the system landscape required for the implementation of business process.

What is Solution Manager system?

SAP Solution Manager (sometimes referred to by admins as “SolMan”) is an application lifecycle management (ALM) platform used to implement, maintain, and integrate SAP systems; troubleshoot issues; and keep things running securely, cleanly, and smoothly.

How do I add a system to managed system configuration?

D. Run SAP HANA database Managed system setup

  1. Step1: Go to Edit mode, click on “Set automatically”
  2. Step2: Execute All.
  3. Manual Activities: Create SAP HANA Database user.
  4. Step3: Assign the DAA Agent -> Select the right host name of the agent.
  5. Step 4: Enter system parameters.
  6. Step5: Enter Landscape parameters.

What does SAP Solution Manager 7.2 represent?

An integrated platform that manages SAP solutions in both the Build and Run phases.

How do you start a solution manager?

Open the incident in Solution Manager

  1. Log on to Solution Manager.
  2. Click Work Center > SAP Solution Manager: Work Center (SAP GUI) to open Solution Manager Work Center.
  3. Click Common Tasks > IT Service Management.
  4. Click Search > Incidents to open the search window.

What is SAP configuration management?

SAP Industry Solution Portfolio. Passenger Travel and Leisure. Configuration Management (S/4) Improve compliance through streamlined processing of complex configuration rules. Configuration management includes managing allowed and as-maintained configurations and controlling changes through engineering change …

How do I add a managed system in Solution Manager?

What is managed system configuration?

To ensure that all the systems in the system landscape can be managed and set up centrally, the productive SAP Solution Manager system must be connected to them. This is required by applications such as Change Analysis, Quality Gate Management and Change Request Management.

What is the Tcode for Solution Manager?

SAP Solution Manager Transaction Codes

# TCODE Description
1 SMSY solution manager System Landscape
2 SOLMAN_SETUP SAP solution manager Configurations
3 DSWP SAP solution manager
4 SOLAR01 SAP solution manager: Bus. Blueprint

How do I open SLD in Solution Manager?

  1. Get started with SAP Solution Manager Integration.
  2. Run the SAP Solution Manager Wizard.
  3. Run the SAP Solution Manager Wizard (since Patch 2)
  4. Register the SAP Solution Manager service on your machine.
  5. Configure SAP GUI options and settings.
  6. Prepare SAP Solution Manager.
  7. Configure the SLD.

What is benefit of SAP Solution Manager?

Solution Manager allows the efficient administration of projects and centralized control of cross-components. Synchronization of customized preferences: Solution Manager will allow you to keep a consistent IT environment. This solution favors the administration of the parameters you are willing to customize.

What is configuration management example?

Configuration Management Process Examples include a change in system management direction, a hardware or software specification update, approved requests for removing obsolete components, and a new functionality.

How does Solution Manager enable test management?

In SAP Solution Manager, you can perform the test-management process central and execute tests for cross system business processes. To perform Test Management activities, you can use Test Management Work Center- to create, manage, and execute test plans.

How do I configure my SLD?

Perform the following steps to manually configure the SLD, which is automatically performed as a configuration step.

  1. Activate the SLD Server.
  2. Import the SAP Master Component Information.
  3. Configure the SLD Data Supplier Bridge.
  4. Setup of the Data Suppliers (Java)
  5. Register the SLD Server in the SLD.

How do I start SLD in SAP?


  1. Activate the SLD Server. Open the SLD Web UI under the URL http://:/sld .
  2. Import the SAP Master Component Information.
  3. Configure the SLD Data Supplier Bridge.
  4. Setup of the Data Suppliers (Java)
  5. Register the SLD Server in the SLD.

Why do we need solution manager?

It allows to centralize, enhance, automate, and improve the management of the entire system landscape, thus reducing total cost of ownership. SAP Solution Manager also supports customers in adapting the landscape to new requirements, for example implementing new business processes.

What is the first step of configuration management?

planning and identification
The first step in the process is planning and identification. In this step, the goal is to plan for the development of the software project and identify the items within the scope.

How to configure managed systems configuration in SAP Solution Manager?

With the Managed Systems Configuration, you connect the required systems to SAP Solution Manager: – To configure a single system, choose the Technical System tab page. – To configure a double (ABAP and Java) stack system, choose the Technical Scenario tab page (Technical scenarios need to be created manually first)

How to configure change request management in Solution Manager?

Configure automatically Change Request Management can only be configured in one client of the Solution Manager system. In this automatic activity, you can add the role Contact Person to all existing Business Partners of type person. The role Contact Person is needed to use Business Partners in the WebClient UI.

How do I create a scenario in SAP Solution Manager?

Create Scenario Configuration Users With the Managed Systems Configuration, you connect the required systems to SAP Solution Manager: – To configure a single system, choose the Technical System tab page.

Do I need to create connections from the managed system to Solman?

For Change Request Management scenario you don´t need to create any connections from the managed system to the Solman system unless you want to use CSOL or Retrofit functionalities. 1. Check Prerequisites