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Is Btwin bike good?

Is Btwin bike good?

Provides enough Grip to feel safe The Ralson Semi-Slick 26 x 2.0 tires are easily the best component on the Btwin My Bike 2016 single speed. These tires provide enough grip to feel safe on urban conditions and can easily tackle the flat mud roads and bumpy surfaces inside the city with ease.

Is Btwin Decathlon brand?

B’TWIN is a trademarked brand of bicycles as well as bicycle parts and accessories marketed by Decathlon.

Which cycle is best in Btwin?

  1. Triban 100 Road Bike. © Decathlon.
  2. Btwin My Bike Hybrid Cycle. © Decathlon.
  3. Btwin Rockrider 540 MTB Cycle. © Decathlon.
  4. Ultra 900 Carbon Frame Road Bike. © © Getty Images.
  5. Btwin Riverside 100 Hybrid Cycle. © Amazon.
  6. RoadR 500 AFGF Road Bike. © Decathlon.
  7. ST 520 S Mountain Bike. © Decathlon.

What type of bike is Btwin my bike?

Mountain Bike
Technical Details

Age Range ‎Youth
Bike Type ‎Mountain Bike
Brake Type ‎Cantilever
Brand ‎Btwin
Color ‎White

Is btwin my bike a MTB?

The bike features a PU MTB saddle which is soft, wide, and comfortable to sit on for hours. The bike features 36-hole aluminium wheels that are lightweight and rust-proof. The Ralson tyres feature buttons that offer a firm grip, so it is safe for you to ride this bike both on both wet and dry surfaces.

Is Decathlon my bike good?

Decathlon bikes have their place within the cycling world as a good entry level bicycle which for anyone who is looking for a reliable and durable well-priced commuter or first bike, it’s a good option.

What is the cost of btwin cycle?

There are 45 cycle models available from Btwin in India. Most expensive Btwin model is….Btwin cycles.

Btwin cycle models Price
Tilt 120 Folding Bike Red 18.00 K
Triban RC 100 Flat Bar – Grey 23.00 K
8-12 Years Original 50 6.50 K
Unicorn 3-5 years (14 inch) 5.50 K

What is the price of btwin rockrider 520?

Purchased from decathlon directly for 25,999/-.

Are Decathlon bikes built?

All the bikes in store are professionally built and ready to ride. You can try out as many bikes as you like to help you make the right decision.

Is rockrider a good brand?

While the Rockrider isn’t fancy by any means, on dirt trails it offers great traction, quality braking, and responsive shifting which other budget brands simply can’t compete with. As a result, the Rockrider is really the only budget bike that we would recommend for use on basic dirt trails.