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Is The Cave a good movie?

Is The Cave a good movie?

It’s quite probable that “The Cave” may leave you feeling helpless after watching it. It’s a feeling shared by many of those living it then and now. Beyond the human need to hear and see these stories, it’s a beautifully shot documentary that’s as stunning as the images are harrowing.

Is the movie The Cave a true story?

The Cave tells the true-life story of the dramatic rescue of 12 boys and their football coach from Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand in 2018. Four of the volunteer cave divers play themselves in the film, as does Thai engineer Nopadol Niyomka, who helped pump rainwater out of the cave.

What is the movie The Cave about?

When an uncharted cave system is discovered beneath a 13th-century Romanian abbey, a team of thrill-seeking professionals is flown in to search the area for signs of a new ecosystem. The good news is they do find life. The bad news is they may not be alive long enough to tell anyone.The Cave / Film synopsis

Where was movie The Cave filmed?

The first three months of the shoot took place at Media Pro Studios in Romania on sets both wet and dry, including a complete underwater cave system with a variety of caverns. This was followed by six weeks of second-unit photography in caves at Hidden Worlds, Cenote Park, in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula.

Where is the cave from the cave movie?

It was written by Michael Steinberg and Tegan West. Its story follows a group of cave-divers and scientists who become trapped while exploring a cave system in Romania, and encounter a pack of deadly creatures.

How did the Thai kids get out of the cave?

They were evacuated from the cave over a period of three days by a large team and were all out by 10 July after being trapped in the cave for 18 days. The boys were part-sedated and transported on special stretchers through the network of passages.

How much did Thai cave rescue cost?

One source puts the cost of rescue to the government at around 300 million Thai baht, or around $9 million US dollars. That being said, all of the specialist cave divers volunteered their time and effort for no cost.

What is the parasite in the cave?

The Cave Parasite is a parasite that appears in the movie The Cave. It can mutate many organisms indigenous to the Romanian cave system it inhabits. It generally modifies its’ host to better survive in a subterranean environment, i.e. echolocation, heightened sense of smell, etc.