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How do you say beautiful in Luhya?

How do you say beautiful in Luhya?

The most widely used and possibly universally understood description of a beautiful woman in Luhya is “omukhasi eshiombo”. I say this whilst hiding. This is because the sibling rivalry between the eighteen houses of mulembe over all manner of things can be intense.

What does Tawe mean in Luhya?

Tawe in the Luhya dialect means No. PAY ATTENTION: Install our latest app for Android, read best news on Kenya’s #1 news app. The word started gaining publicity through football as rivals Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards threw banter over the fielding of players.

How do you say hello in Luhya?

Mulembe. Mulembe is the quintessential Luhya greeting.

How do you say thank you in Luhya?

Kusandizi is a word used to say thank in Maragoli. It means: We are grateful. This word is one of more common ways of expressing gratitude in Lulogooli. This is what one would thank, say a chief after barasa or a customer care representative at a company who has been particularly helpful.

What does Senje mean in Luhya?

Growing up Luhya, senje is how you and your paternal aunt would call each other. Strictly speaking senje in Luhya means paternal aunt. Senje in Luhya culture is one of the most important relations.

How do you say I love you in Luhya language?

To say I love you in Maragoli, you add ‘nda’ and the prefix ‘ku’ (verb) to say: Nda kuyanza. One can add the word iligali, pronounced i-ri-guh-ri, so that they say: ‘ nda kuyanza iligali’ to mean that they love the other truly, and depending on the context, deeply and/or madly.

What does Mulamwa mean?

Meaning and translation of Mulamwa Sister or brother in law. sister or brother in law.

How is your morning in Luhya?

For example. the Maragoli say ‘vuche’, which is the most ‘out there way’ to say good morning in Luhya. This is because many more Luhya subtribes say busiele.

What is I love you in Luhya language?

How do you say goodnight in Luhya?

Make sure to comment “Good night” to our fellow #Luhyas before you sleep. Good night unasemaje kiluhya? Mueyalisie obulai.

What does Omwami mean?

Omwami is a word of respect used to refer to: Clan elder or clan head. Your boss i.e your employer, sponsor or benefactor. A supreme leader, king or royalty.

What does Omwami mean in Luhya?

Omwami is a Luhya word meaning a respected person — either for their position in society or respected for their work in a certain field.

Are there any words shared between Luhya and Luo?

There are also cases of words shared between Luhya and Luo, despite their disparate (Bantu vs. Nilotic) origins. Examples include words for “yes” and “no.” Trivia: Luo is the mother tongue spoken by about 13% of the population of Kenya. This makes it roughly the third most popular tribal dialect in Kenya, behind Kikuyu (22%) and Luhya (14%).

What language do the Luhya tribes speak?

The various Luhya tribes speak several related languages and dialects, though some of them are no closer to each other than they are to neighboring non-Luhya languages. For example, the Bukusu people are ethnically Luhya, but the Bukusu dialect is a variety of Masaba.

What are the sub-tribes of Luhya?

List of Luhya Sub – Tribes Luhya tribe Luhya variety Region Bukusu Lubukusu Bungoma (Kenya) Idakho Lwidakho Kakamega (Kenya) Isukha Lwisukha Kakamega (Kenya) Kabras Lukabarasi Kakamega (Kenya)

Are Bukusu and Luhya the same language?

For example, the Bukusu people are ethnically Luhya, but the Bukusu dialect is a variety of Masaba. (See Luhya people for details.) However, there is a core of mutually intelligible dialects that comprise Luhya proper: