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What are main idea and details?

What are main idea and details?

The main idea is defined as the central point or big picture of a story or informational text. The details are those statements that support (go along with) the main idea. Main idea and details are important in all types of texts (literature and informational), as well as in writing.

Why is teaching main idea and details important?

Reading: Understanding main ideas and details helps students improve reading comprehension, and it can also help them conceptualize the overall schema. Writing: Mastery of main ideas and details helps students organize thoughts, so they can support the central idea and illustrate claims.

How do you teach main idea and key details to kindergarten?

Write a main idea on each of 5 charts. Hang up around the room and have kids work in groups to write as many details as they can think of. Afterwards , read each chart and confirm that all of the details support the main idea.

How do you introduce a main idea to first grade?


  1. Begin by telling your students that you are going to read them a story.
  2. Let them know while you are reading, you want them to think about the main idea of the story.
  3. Help your students understand what a main idea of a story is by reading a short passage from one of your stories.

How do you teach the main idea in reading?


  1. Get The Gist.
  2. Ask themselves who or what the paragraph is about.
  3. Ask themselves what is the most important information about the who or what.
  4. Restate the main idea in 10 words or less.
  5. Get the Gist – Longer Texts.

What are the 4 steps to find main idea?

How to Find the Main Idea

  1. 1) Identify the Topic. Read the passage through completely, then try to identify the topic.
  2. 2) Summarize the Passage. After reading the passage thoroughly, summarize it in your own words in one sentence.
  3. 3) Look at the First and Last Sentences of the Passage.
  4. 4) Look for Repetition of Ideas.

How do you teach main ideas and key details?

Main Idea (Summative) Comprehension. This complex skill happens to have a large role in reading comprehension overall.

  • The Challenge of Teaching Main Idea Comprehension. In order for students to do something,they first need to know what they are expected to do.
  • A Model for Teaching Main Idea Comprehension.
  • How do you identify main idea?

    Several sentences in a paragraph can imply the main idea by introducing facts about the topic before actually stating the topic.

  • Implied ideas can be drawn from facts,reasons,or examples that give hints or suggestions concerning the main idea.
  • Try the passage below to see if you can pick out the main idea.
  • What is the difference between main ideas and details?

    The topic is what the sentence or the paragraph is about while the main idea is what the writer is trying to convey in his entire message.

  • Topics are simpler and only use a word or a phrase; the main idea is stated as an entire sentence.
  • The topic must not be specific nor should it be general while the main idea must be complete.
  • What is a main idea and how to find it?

    – Topic – whom or what the passage is about – Topic Sentence – the sentence in the paragraph that states the main idea – Author’s Purpose – what the author wants the reader to understand – Theme – a subject or topic that is repeated throughout a text or multiple texts