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What are the benefits of thalassotherapy?

What are the benefits of thalassotherapy?


  • stimulation of endocrine functions, including thyroid, adrenal, parathyroid, and sexual glands.
  • improvement of blood circulation.
  • increased sweating.
  • increase in red and white blood cells.
  • smoother, unobstructed breathing.

What is a thalassotherapy Centre?

Originating in 19th century France, Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word for “sea”, and is the therapeutic use of seawater or saltwater as well as marine products such as algae, seaweed, and marine mud to improve health and beauty.

What is the main ingredient used in thalassotherapy?

Thalssotherapy involves using a therapeutic combination of fresh seawater, seaweed, marine derivatives, and heat to induce an exchange of minerals and toxins between our body and the water.

What is a balneo bath?

Balneotherapy is defined as the use of baths containing thermal mineral waters from natural springs at a temperature of at least 20°C and with a mineral content of at least 1g/L.

Which type of clay mask is used for its copper and magnesium benefits?

Green clay is highly composed of plant matter and the skin happily absorbs its copper and magnesium. Green clays such as French or sea clay are suitable for most skin types. It especially helps oily skin by absorbing oils and balancing sebum production.

How is thalassotherapy used in health and wellness industry?

Therapeutic Indication of Thalassotherapy Treatments Thalassotherapy caters to basic human needs, such as physical touch, and offers a wide variety of hydrotherapies and massages aimed at physical and psychological well-being and strengthens the body’s immune system.

What does balneology mean?

Definition of balneology : the science of the therapeutic use of baths.

What is therapeutic bath?

Therapeutic Bath. Also referred to as balneotherapy, the therapeutic bath combines water and additives to soothe and relax the patient, relieve fatigue and sore muscles and joints, clean the skin, relieve inflammation and pruritus, and soften and remove crusts, scales, debris, and old medications.

What is the best face mask for older people?

Cream masks are ideal for normal, dry, and mature skin because they are usually rich with oils and moisturizers. Mud or clay masks are best for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin, since they detoxify and tighten the skin.

What is the best face mask for aging?

La Mer Lifting and Firming Mask $250.00.

  • Circcell Fruition Brightening and Polishing Mask $75.00.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask $44.00.
  • Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask $92.00.
  • Dr.
  • Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost $68.00.
  • Laneige Time Freeze Sleeping Mask $39.00.
  • What is thalassotherapy and Thalasso Spa treatments?

    Thalassotherapy stems from the ancient Greek words “Thalassa” for sea and “therapia” for treatment. Using the curative properties of the seawater and coastal air, relaxing and healing thalasso spa therapies return you to health and wellness. Thalasso spa treatments can include seasalt scrubs, underwater massages,…

    Where can I get thalassotherapy in the UK?

    Although many treatments are available in UK spas, many die-hard thalassotherapy fans opt for sunnier climes. Various destinations in Greece, France and Spain offer residential stays devoted to the art of thalassotherapy.

    What to do at Thalassa Sea&spa?

    Sports and water activities for adults and children, relaxation sessions in our institutes to complete your treatment program, and much more. Thalassa Sea & Spa has designed Thalasso & Spa à la carte programs that combine the benefits of the sea with the properties of the spa.

    What is thalassotherapy in Brittany?

    The coastal region of Brittany, also known as the land of thalassotherapy, is bordered by the waves of the English Channel, the sea of Iroise and the Atlantic. Here you can get away from everything and breathe in the clean air, in a haven of peace, while you enjoy the true essence of the sea thanks to experienced therapists.