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What does Chimba mean?

What does Chimba mean?

chimba (a very cool person or thing) As a noun, “una chimba” is someone or something very cool. Example: Esa canción es una chimba (That song is very cool (literally “a very cool one”). Alternatively, the word “chimba” can be used as a synonym for “luck.”

What is a garfio in Colombia?

Wiktionary. garfio. noun. rod bent into a curved shape.

What is a Culicagado?

Culicagado, or, loosely translated, “crap-ass”, might be the apex of that. Constructed from culo, a less-than-polite term for “butt”, and the verb cagar, another not-so-polite verb for going numero dos, this word packs a lot of imagery into one quick interjection that’s usually screamed at some misbehaving kids.

What is a Prepago?

prepago, (pago por adelantado) prepayment, the ~ Noun. ‐ An amount paid for something that is not yet received.

What does gas mean in Colombia?

¡Gas!/ ¡Guácala! – Gross! Está muy chimba – it’s really cool.

What does Culicagado mean?

What does Merkules mean?

Merkulesverb. Mercules means merciless or to act without mercy. She helped him without mercules. Etymology: To act without mercy.

How do you say cool in Colombia?

The Meaning of “Chévere” “Chévere” is a popular word for “cool” that is heard throughout Colombia, though it is not exclusive to that country. The population in neighbouring Venezuela, for instance, also enjoy using it a fair old amount.

What does biscochito stand for?

Biscochito is the diminutive form of bizcocho in Spanish, which basically means “biscuit,” and while they are extremely similar to Spanish mantecados, shortbreads made with pig fat, the distinctively spicy, disarmingly simple biscochito is an original New Mexican recipe, integral to Norteño cuisine.

What are the Filipino slang words to use?

Gigil is quite unique among Filipino slang words. It’s used to describe that feeling when you just want to squeeze something that is amazingly cute. You could definitely understand this feeling when you look at those baby cheeks, right? 10. Ngek! If you hear someone say, “ngek”, then it is not a good thing.

What does Pucho mean in Chile?

This is a very common word in Chile that means boyfriend or girlfriend. In Chile, instead of using the word “cigarrillo” (cigarette), you will probably hear Pucho o Puchito. 42) ¡Qué lata! A phrase used to say how boring something is (previously mentioned in example 39).

What is the most commonly used slang in Chile?

Today, we’re covering the most commonly used slang in Chile. 1) Achacarse If you’re having a bad day and at some point, you start to feel sad, this verb is what you’re looking for. No te achaques – Don’t be sad

Do you know enough Chilean slang to travel abroad?

When you travel abroad, there are two ways to almost guarantee a better experience 1) learn the local language 2) know some local slang terms. In the post, we are going to cover the latter, so if you ever find yourself in the bustling city of Santiago, or hiking in Patagonia, you have enough Chilean slang to make an impression with the locals.