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Who is Azhar Mahmood wife?

Who is Azhar Mahmood wife?

Ebba MahmoodAzhar Mahmood / Wife (m. 2003)

Who is Ebba Qureshi?

Ebba is an accomplished campaigner with qualified experience of working in the Public Relations, Communications sector as well as developing high profile events. She is the founder and CEO of FemGames, where she aims to implement structured PE lessons for girls’ schools across Pakistan.

What is the age of Azhar Mahmood?

47 years (February 28, 1975)Azhar Mahmood / Age

Is Saqib Mahmood Pakistani?

Saqib Mahmood was also named as the England Development Programme Cricketer of the year in 2015. Located in Birmingham currently, Saqib’s heritage is from Pakistan.

How many wives Shoaib Akhtar have?

Shoaib Akhtar Height, Age, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & More

Nickname(s) Rawalpindi Express, Tiger
Wife/Spouse Rubab Khan
Children Son- Muhammad Mikaeel Ali Daughter- None
Parents Father- Mohammad Akhtar Mother- Hameeda Awan

Is Shoaib Akhtar Sunni or Shia?

Shoaib Akhtar Height, Age, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & More

Nickname(s) Rawalpindi Express, Tiger
Educational Qualification Graduate
Religion Islam
Sect Sunni

How old is Saqib Mahmood?

25 years (February 25, 1997)Saqib Mahmood / Age

How tall is Saqib Mahmood?

6′ 2″Saqib Mahmood / Height

Who is Azhar Mahmood?

Azhar Mahmood ( Punjabi: اظہر محمود ساگر; born 28 February 1975) is a Pakistani cricket coach and former cricketer. He was the bowling coach of the Pakistani national cricket team till 2019. Previously, he played Tests and ODIs for Pakistan national cricket team and county cricket in England. Azhar is a dual British citizen.

Is Azhar Mahmood a dual British citizen?

Azhar is a dual British citizen. Azhar Mahmood’s wedding ceremony was held in 2003; his wife is British. As a teenager, Azhar was mentored by Irfan Bhatti who played a One Day International for Pakistan in the early 1990s. Originally his father objected to his interest in cricket, but later started to appreciate it seeing his accomplishments.

Will Azhar Mahmood be the next Pakistan captain?

In 2000, Lt-General Tauqir Zia, then the PCB chairman, said that the board would choose the next captain – not based on seniority alone – and if people find the choice unacceptable they will not be selected. Later – in front of some senior players – he told Azhar Mahmood that he will be the next Pakistan captain.

Is Azhar Azhar a British citizen?

Azhar became a British citizen in 2011. This allowed him to play for Kent as an English-qualified player, further distancing himself from a recall to the Pakistan side.