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How good is J Mascis Jazzmaster?

How good is J Mascis Jazzmaster?

If you’re wondering if Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster is worth the money, we got you covered! Today we are going to have a closer look on this particular model. In fact, it’s one of the best and most affordable guitars for both beginner and intermediate guitarists.

What is different about the J Mascis Jazzmaster?

With its vintage-inspired vintage white finish, ’60s headstock, and gold anodized pickguard, the Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster features the cosmetics, pickups, and hardware specified by Mascis himself. Such cool mods include an Adjusto-Matic bridge, a slightly wider nut width, and a satin-finished neck.

Is a Squier Jazzmaster good?

It is perfect for any beginner, even gig-worthy thanks to its great overall output. I noticed that the sound was very clear and sharp, I would definitely keep this one handy for mellow jam sessions. If you’re planning to get into jazz music, then i would say that this is one of the best electric guitars for jazz.

When did J Mascis Jazzmaster come out?

Indeed, Mascis has already been honoured with two signature Jazzmaster electric guitar models: the Fender J Mascis Jazzmaster, released in 2007…

Is J Mascis good at guitar?

With his band still going strong, Mascis is widely considered one of the definitive guitar talents of the past 50 years, with an unmistakable signature sound that’s often imitated, but rarely duplicated.

Where is the J Mascis Jazzmaster made?

Product Specs

Brand Squier
Model J Mascis Jazzmaster
Finish Vintage White
Year 2012 – 2022
Made In China

Does J Mascis play a Squier?

The J Mascis Signature Squier Jazzmaster Most Dinosaur Jr. fans associate J Mascis with the Fender Jazzmaster, and the model has stuck with him his entire career resulting in his own Squier signature series Jazzmaster.

Is J Mascis the best guitarist?

J Mascis Is Kind of Honored to Be Considered the Fifth Greatest Guitarist of All Time.

What tuning does J Mascis use?

J’s String Gauge Preference 13s for a fat and full tone. For J Mascis though, he’s not sweating the strings too much. He uses . 10s, and when asked if he’s experimented with other sizes, he responds with “for like a second, but not really”.

What pickups does J Mascis use?

J Mascis’ main guitar is a sunburst ’63 Fender Jazzmaster with original neck and pickups (left). He replaced the pickup covers, knobs, and added a Tune-o-matic-style bridge. His main backup is a sunburst ’65 Jazzmaster with original neck and pickups, also with the bridge replaced.

Does J Mascis use p90s?

Mascis has an action that most players would baulk at and always comments that whenever his guitar is seen by luthiers and guitar techs that they off to ‘fix’ that for him. He then has to explain that that’s the way he likes it! In the studio J actually plays Telecasters and Gibson P90-loaded guitars such as Juniors.

What fuzz does J Mascis use?

MC-FX Super Fuzz Copy Perhaps one of the most interesting pedals currently on J’s board is the Super Fuzz clone made by Australia’s own MC-FX. According to Mascis, it’s “the smallest one to fit on the pedal board and it sounds good. Smaller is better to fit as much stuff on as you can.”

What effects does J Mascis use?

ZVex Hand-Painted LO-FI Loop Junky Guitar Effects Pedal There’s a few ZVex pedals that feature on Mascis’ pedalboard, but perhaps my favourite one is the LO-FI Loop Junky, which J Mascis reportedly uses to fill in the gaps between songs, or incase he “breaks a string.”