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Who is the deities in Philippines?

Who is the deities in Philippines?

Supreme Deities of Philippine Mythology

Name Rank Description
Kaptan supreme deity supreme god; god of the sky; controls the wind and lightning
Melu creator deity creator deity
Loos Klagan other top level deities most feared deity; uttering his name is considered a curse
Kabunian / Intutungcho supreme deity supreme deity

Who is the god of Earth in Philippine mythology?

26. Bathala • The supreme god of the Tagalogs; creator of man and earth and addressed sometimes as Bathalang Maykapal. He dwells in Kaluwalhatian together with the lesser gods and goddesses. Aside from the lesser gods and goddesses, he sent his anitos in order to assist the daily lives of every human.

What are some example of myths from the Philippines?


  • The Children of the Limokon (Mandaya)
  • The Sun and the Moon (Mandaya)
  • How the Moon and the Stars Came to Be (Bukidnon)
  • The Flood Story (Bukidnon)
  • Origin (Bagobo)
  • Epic ‘Tudbulul’ (T’Boli)
  • Creation Story – D’wata (T’Boli)
  • Creation Story – Melu (B’laan)

Is Bakunawa a god?

In the Bicolano mythology, Bakunawa is a gigantic sea serpent deity of the deep and the underworld who is often considered as the cause of eclipses. Was once known to be a beautiful goddess who lived at the bottom of the sea, she was mesmerised by the light that was shining.

What is Bathala the god of?

Bathala, the God of the Tagalogs In Philippine mythology, the highest-ranking god of the ancient Tagalog people is Bathala, also known as or Maykapal or Abba. Bathala is the creator of all things — the sea, the sky, the earth, and all the plants. He dwelt in the highest realm of the sky.

Who is bathala in Philippine mythology?

In ancient Tagalog theology, Bathala (or Batala), was the supreme being and omnipotent creator of the universe.

Who is the Filipino moon goddess?

Mayari (or Bulan in Bisayan) is the Goddess of the Moon in Tagalog mythology. She is known as the most beautiful of the goddesses and is the daughter of Bathala, the Supreme God, and a mortal woman.

Who is the goddess Asteria?

In Greek mythology, Asteria or Asterie (/əˈstɪəriə/; Ancient Greek: Ἀστερία or Ἀστερίη, romanized: Astería/Asteríē, lit. ‘of the stars, starry one’) is a daughter of the Titans Coeus (Polus) and Phoebe and the sister of Leto.

What is the Minokawa?

Minokawa is a giant, dragon-like bird in Philippine legends. Early people believed this creature is so big that it can swallow (or cover) the sun to explain the occurrence of eclipses.

Is Bathala a deity?

How many gods are there in the Philippines?

The diversity in these important figures is exhibited in many cases, of which a prime example is the Ifugao pantheon, where in a single pantheon, deities alone are calculated to number at least 1,500. There are over a hundred distinct pantheons in the Philippines.

Who is Sitan in Philippine mythology?

Sitan is an ancient dark god from Filipino mythology, his role is the same as that of the monotheistic Satan, the guardian of Kasamaan (the ancient Tagalog version of Hell) and all of the souls within he had four agents tasked to tempting and ruining mankind.

Who is Dumangan Philippine mythology?

Dumangan was the Tagalog sky-god of good harvest, the husband of Idianale, and father to Dumakulem and Anitun Tabu. In Zambales culture, Dumangan (or Dumagan) caused the rice to “yield better grains.” According to F.

What are myth examples?

Examples are fables, fairy tales, folktales, sagas, epics, legends, and etiologic tales (which refer to causes or explain why a thing is the way it is).

Who are the gods and goddesses in Philippine mythology?

A^In some sources,Bathala is the father of Apolaki,aside from Mayari and Tala hence excluding Hanan.

  • B^In some sources,Amanikable is referred as a sea deity of the Manobo tribe.
  • C^In some sources,Idiyanale is identified as the goddess of agriculture.
  • What are the names of the gods in mythology?

    Achelous,the god of the Achelous River,the largest river in Greece,who gave his daughter in marriage to Alcmaeon

  • Alpheus,who fell in love with the nymph Arethusa
  • Inachus,the first king of Argos and progenitor of Argive line through his son grandson Argus
  • What are some myths in the Philippines?

    Philippine folk literature. Philippine mythology is derived from Philippine folk literature,which is the traditional oral literature of the Filipino people.

  • Indian influence.
  • Philippine pantheon.
  • Creation myths.
  • Who are the mythical gods and goddesses?

    Achelous,the god of the Achelous River,the largest river in Greece,who gave his daughter in marriage to Alcmaeon.

  • Alpheus,who fell in love with the nymph Arethusa.
  • Inachus,the first king of Argos and progenitor of Argive line through his son grandson Argus.