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Can I bring a new kitten home to another cat?

Can I bring a new kitten home to another cat?

A new kitten can feel like a threat to that ownership, so it’s so important to make introductions slowly. Anticipate keeping the kitten separated for at least a couple days. After the first day or two, give each of your cats an item with the other animal’s scent on it, like a blanket, cushion, or fabric toy.

How long should you separate a new kitten?

Keep the cats separate at first. House the new cat in a separate room for at least seven days with food, water, comfortable bedding, a litter box(es), and all of the necessities to keep him happy and healthy. This allows the cats to get used to each other’s scent without needing to confront the other.

Will two kittens keep each other company?

While one kitten may nag an older cat, two kittens will keep each other company while the older cat watches from a distance. Comfort in Friendship – Having a pal will help your kitten settle into a new home.

What to do with a kitten when you first bring it home?

Your Kitten’s First Day

  1. Keep Your House Calm.
  2. Let Your Kitten Explore.
  3. Show Your Kitten Their Bed.
  4. Keep an Eye on Your Kitten.
  5. Stay Around.
  6. Give Them Their Space.
  7. Provide a Safe Space to Sleep on Their First Night.

How do you introduce 2 kittens to an older cat?

Before your cat and kitten meet face-to-face, it’s a good idea to introduce them to each other’s scent. Use an old tea towel or similar for each cat. Stroke each cat with ‘their’ tea towel, paying special attention to their face and cheeks. Next, swap tea towels by offering the kitten’s tea towel to your older cat.

Is it better to have 2 female cats or 1 of each?

It’s suggested that you choose two male cats or a male and female combination if bringing home two kittens who are not already bonded as they tend to get along better than two females. Cats generally don’t like eating close together, so consider placing your kittens’ food bowls across the room from each other.

How long does it take for a cat to accept a new kitten?

It can take several weeks to several months for a cat to get used to a new kitten—and even longer for them to become “friends.” Some cats will learn to tolerate a newcomer, but may never be interested in playing or napping together. In other cases, the cat will take to the kitten right away.

Will my cat hate me if I get a new kitten?

While older cats will occasionally take to a new kitten right away, they typically need a little time to adjust to the changes. Sometimes cats never fully accept a new kitten but will simply coexist, keeping to themselves away from the other cat in the house.

How do you introduce a second cat?

How To Introduce A Second Cat To Your Home — Safely & Happily

  1. Match Your Cats. The saying “opposites attract” isn’t necessarily true for cats.
  2. Swap Scents.
  3. Keep Them Separated.
  4. Explore the “Door” Method.
  5. Feed The Cats At The Same Time (But Separately)
  6. Switch To A Baby Gate.
  7. Try Playtime.
  8. Expect It To Take Time.

What gender kitten should I get if I have a female cat?

Remember that they are only guidelines and that there may be exceptions to the rules. If you have an adult female who has been an “only” cat for some time, it is best to get a younger female. Males, even friendly ones, can over-power and frighten females.

Can 2 kittens share a litter box?

The great thing about two kittens is that two hardly costs more than just one! Kittens can share litter boxes, cat trees, food and water bowls, beds and toys! Some rescues will offer discounts on two kittens who are bonded or from the same litter to ensure that they go to the same home.

What do you need to bring a kitten home from the hospital?

Here are the basic items you should stock up on before bringing her home: Quality kitten food. Cat treats – you can make quality treats using kitten food to make sure she is still getting quality nutrients. Food and water dishes. Litter box and cat litter. Cat bed. Cat carrier. Collar and ID tags.

How do you welcome a new kitten into your home?

Remove any hazards from your home. Welcoming a cat or kitten into your home is like bringing home a curious toddler. Nearly anything visible or reachable can provoke curiosity, so be sure to remove any breakables or items that can be easily knocked over before bringing home your new friend.

Is your cat anxious when you bring home a new kitten?

Bringing home a new cat or kitten can be an exciting time for you and your family. Because cats tend to be creatures of habit, however, making the transition to a new home can be frightening and anxiety-provoking for them.

What should I do with my new kitten when I move?

Even if you already have a cat, make sure the new kitten will have its own bed, food and water dishes, and a couple of toys. Set up a bathroom or other small room with these items for your kitten to stay in for the first few nights in its new home.