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Is LaunchPad Macmillan free?

Is LaunchPad Macmillan free?

21 days of free access allows them to keep up with their assignments and use the e-Book in LaunchPad until they can pay for materials. Testing a Digital-Only Approach.

How do I get my LaunchPad code for free?

The access code can also be printed directly into the book itself. If you don’t have an access card but think that it should have been included with the book, please check with your bookstore. If you purchased a used book you will not have received an access card or the code on the access card may be used or expired.

Where is the Macmillan access code?

You will find your access code printed on the inside cover of your book or booklet, unless otherwise instructed by your local Macmillan representative or learning material supplier.

Can MacMillan LaunchPad detect cheating?

MacMillan detects cheating by using super proctoring software that allows the institution to investigate academic fraud and cheating. In addition, the software comes with relevant tools that help the instructor know if the student participated in academic dishonesty during exam sessions.

Is there an app for MacMillan LaunchPad?

The Macmillan Learning eBook app is available for Android/Kindle Fire and iOS devices. If you are accessing your e-book on a mobile device, simply tap the menu icon in the upper left, then tap Download App.

What is Macmillan LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is an all-in-one place for reading, studying, practice, and homework to boost course confidence. Features can include a complete e-book, LearningCurve adaptive quizzing, and self-assessment tools that you can use on your own without needing an instructor’s permission.

How do I download Macmillan learning ebook?

Sign up for a Macmillan Learning eBook account (optional)

  1. If you are creating a new account:
  2. If you already have a Macmillan Learning eBook account:
  3. From the online reader.
  4. Choose device and click “Download”
  5. Open the app and log in.
  6. Follow download prompt.
  7. Open your book and start reading.

Can professors track your IP address?

“IP addresses can be found for assignments that can be graded,” said Powers. So basically, if you and a bunch of kids from your class meet up at your apartment to work on the quiz together, your professor can deduce from your IP addresses that you all cheated together.

Does LaunchPad come with ebook?

LaunchPad includes our complete e-book, as well as online quizzing tools and multimedia assets. We think of LaunchPad as a ‘full course solution’ as it has everything you need to succeed. Available to purchase or subscribe.

Can Macmillan detect cheating?

Is there an app for Macmillan LaunchPad?