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What angles should I tune my edges at?

What angles should I tune my edges at?

Recreational Skier Bevel Recommendations

Average Recreational Skier Hard Snow Soft Snow
Side Edge Bevel 1° – 3°
Advanced Recreational Skier
Base Edge Bevel .5° – 1°
Side Edge Bevel 2° – 3° 1° – 2°

How do you choose ski edge angle?

The best ski edge angle depends on the type of skiing that you do. The base edge is usually 0 to 2 degrees while the side edge is 85 to 90 degrees. If you are a beginner, choose 90° for the side edge and the base edge of 0.5 to 1°.

What angle are Burton edges?

All our boards come from the factory with a 1/1 edge tune (89° base of edge). By changing this right angle it’s possible to tune your board’s performance to suit your riding style or local conditions.

What angle are most ski edges?

Side Edge Thoughts Side edge beveling will give the skis more grip on the snow surface. Higher angles should be reserved for experienced racers; if the angle is too high the ski can “rail out” on a less experienced racer. Typical angles are 1.0 to 3.0 degrees. Less angle equals less grip.

What degree should my snowboard edge be?

90 degrees
A standard edge tune is 90 degrees, though for more aggressive carving or hard snow you might opt for 89 degrees or less. (If you’re really serious about your edges you can even adjust the angle of the base edge too, though this level of precision is usually the realm of racers).

Should snowboard edges be sharp?

The board’s edges should be sharpened when there are nicks, burrs, rust, or the edge is dull. If your board is showing any of these signs–your edges need to be sharpened! A properly sharpened edge will take off some of your fingernail when scraped against it.

What should ski edges look like?

Ski edges should not be as sharper than a butter knife but not as sharp as a dull kitchen knife. Gently rubbing your finger across the edge should not cut your skin, but rubbing a firm finger should.

How many times can ski edges be sharpened?

In average you can normally sharpen the edges on a pair of skis 5 to 10 times before the steel edges are worn out. After that you need to replace your skis. Most people who have never skied or have always rented the ski gear in the rental centers may be surprised by the fact that their skis must be sharpened regularly.

How often should snowboard edges be sharpened?

As a general rule, you should look to get it sharpened once a year, unless you are an avid snowboarder (in which case you may want it sharpened more often). Normally new snowboards come pre-sharpened so that shouldn’t be a problem for new buyers – which is one less worry from your mind!

How often should you edge your skis?