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What are the Beazley Medals?

What are the Beazley Medals?

The Beazley Medals are two annual awards awarded by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (and previously the Curriculum Council of Australia ). The award is the highest profile and most prestigious academic award for secondary students in Australia.

Who has won the most Olympic medals ever?

Olympic medal winners: every one since 1896 as open data. And some of those men have won a lot of medals – but the top medal winner of all time so far is Larisa Latinya, who won 18 medals for the Soviet Union. She’s followed by Michael Phelps of the US, who won 14 golds – and there’s a full list below.

Who won the 1999 Beazley Medal at Carmel School?

^ “Carmel School student Neil Rabinowitz wins 1999 Beazley Medal” (Press release). Government of Western Australia. 7 January 2000. Archived from the original on 22 December 2017. Retrieved 22 December 2017.

How many bronze medals can you win in a single competition?

Some sports (such as boxing, judo, taekwondo, and wrestling) award or have previously awarded two bronze medals per competition. Team sports medals, such as in football or basketball count as one, even if there are multiple players on each team, who get a medal.

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