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How do I get Kontakt 5?

How do I get Kontakt 5?


  1. Download and install Native Access here.
  2. Open Native Access and create your Native ID.
  3. Login to Native Access.
  4. Click the Not installed tab.
  5. Click INSTALL for KONTAKT PLAYER. The software is installed automatically.

What is Sonuscore?

SONUSCORE was founded in 2012 as a label of the award winning music and sound production studio Dynamedion ( and was created by the same team that founded the highly acclaimed BOOM Library (

How many GB is Kontakt 5?

Kontakt 5 Library Like its version 4 predecessor, Kontakt 5 comes with a 43GB sample library comprising a generous compendium of instruments in seven categories: Band, Choir, Synth, Urban, Vintage, World and, of course, the essential Orchestral category culled from the famous Vienna Symphonic Library.

Can I still download Kontakt 5?

It can be downloaded via Native Access. Kontakt 5 and Kontakt Player 5 are the same download (the same app). The difference is their license mode, which is handled through Native Access. If you own a license to Kontakt 5, it will unlock the additional features.

Does Kontakt 5 come with libraries?

The Factory Library comes with Kontakt and you should have it if you elected to add it when you installed the program. If you don’t have the Factory Library, you can go back and install it separately.

How much RAM does Kontakt use?

For the use of sample-based products (e.g. KONTAKT, BATTERY, POLYPLEX) use at least 8GB RAM. For the use of sample-based products within larger arrangement projects (many plug-in instances running within a host sequencer) use at least 16GB RAM.

Can I use KONTAKT without a DAW?

Kontakt can run as a standalone application but is used most often as an audio instrument (or plug-in) inside a digital audio workstation (DAW, sequencer). Kontakt supports the VST, AU and AAX protocols, making it compatible with virtually any DAW, including Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools.

Can you record in KONTAKT?

If you installed Reaper 64 bit choose the 64 Bit folder of Kontakt only. That’s it, now we can start recording. You see, it’s a similar basic setup as you needed for Kontakt standalone.

Is 8GB RAM enough for Kontakt?

RAM: The official NI recommendation for RAM is 4 gigabytes, with a minimum of 2gb. These numbers are quite low! Simply running your operating system, a DAW, and Kontakt – with no samples – can eat up well over 1gb, leaving precious little for samples. Though 4gb is a safe number, 8gb is our preference.

Does Kontakt 5 come with Libraries?

What are the best Kontakt Libraries?

Best Kontakt Libraries 2020

  • Spitfire Audio Albion One.
  • Output Exhale.
  • Sample Logic Morphestra 2.
  • Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars Infinity.
  • Spitfire Audio Studio Orchestra Professional.
  • Cinesamples CineBrass Complete Bundle.
  • Embertone Joshua Bell Violin.
  • GetGood Drums.