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What does the line tin roof rusted mean in Love Shack?

What does the line tin roof rusted mean in Love Shack?

A lyric from The B-52’s hit song “Love Shack,” tin roof, rusted is interpreted by some to mean “pregnant,” usually with an unintended baby.

What is the meaning of Love Shack?

“The idea of the ‘Love Shack’ was just kind of a club out in the, just like a shack out in the country, where anyone could go, inclusive you know, be sexy, be free, dance, sweat, have fun together. If you’re not into that, then stay away, fool [using the line from the song, Sign says ‘Stay away, fools’].

What happened to the B-52s?

The B-52s performing in 2019. After 45 years, the B-52s, one of the most reliable purveyors of rock & roll party music, will call it quits with a farewell tour this year. The band announced an initial run of 11 dates across the U.S., though more shows are expected to be added in the coming weeks.

How did the B-52s get their name?

Naming themselves after Southern slang for exaggerated ‘bouffant” hairdos, the newly-christened B-52s (Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Keith Strickland, Cindy Wilson and Ricky Wilson) began weekend road trips to New York City for gigs at CBGB’s and a handful of other venues.

Is the Love Shack a real place?

“The Love Shack is a mythical place,” Pierson said. “It’s not based on a specific place but rather a series of down-home, throw-down, disco juke joints that you would find in the rural south,” she said. The shack on Jefferson Road was an inspiration for the song, though.

Who is the blonde in B-52s?

Cindy Wilson
Cynthia Leigh Wilson (born February 28, 1957) is an American musician and one of the vocalists, songwriters and founding members of new wave rock band the B-52’s. She is noted for her distinctive contralto voice and also plays percussion during live shows.

Who are the members of the B-52s?

Kate PiersonCindy WilsonPercussionFred SchneiderRicky WilsonKeith StricklandJulee Cruise
The B-52’s/Members

Where are B-52s from?

Athens, GAThe B-52’s / Origin