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Are digital ballasts better?

Are digital ballasts better?

Digital ballasts last much longer, and have a consistent output over their life. They only need replacing if they stop working, which can be 10+ years. When you break it down, and take running costs into account, it costs less to run a digital ballast.

What is the difference between magnetic and digital ballast?

The Costs Of Buying And Running A Ballast. Magnetic ballasts are easily the cheaper option when first buying. However digital ballasts, although pricey to begin with, will run more efficiently, use less energy and in effect help to lower your electricity bills over time.

Can you use a 1000 watt bulb in a 600 watt ballast?

The ballast will be able to light the bulb. A 600-watt and a 1000-watt bulb has the same starting voltage requirement.

Will LEDS work with a magnetic ballast?

They work with any kind of existing technology – whether it is T12 (Magnetic Ballast) or T8 (Electronic Ballast). To install them all you need to do is take the old fluorescent tube out and install the LED tube in its place.

What is a dimming ballast?

Dimming electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps can save energy and increase the range of illuminances provided by a lighting system. A dimming system saves energy relative to a non-dimming system, assuming lamps are dimmed and both systems are operating for similar periods of time.

What is a double ended ballast?

Double Ended Ballasts Double-ended lamps require double-ended ballasts, regardless of the type of lamp. A double-ended bulb cannot run off a ballast for single-ended bulbs. GrowersHouse has ballasts for double-ended HPS, MH and CMH lamps. Learn More.

What ballast do I need for LED?

An LED light does not require a ballast because it uses a component called a “driver” to regulate the power going into the bulb.

Can you dim electronic ballast?

Dimmable ballasts are available for non-integrated compact fluorescents, and do provide reasonable dimming performance. Compact fluorescents must be burned in at full for 100 hours before dimming (see additional info below).

Can you use a 600 watt bulb in a 1000 watt ballast?

A 600-watt and a 1000-watt bulb has the same starting voltage requirement. I personally would not use a 600-watt ballast on a 1000-watt bulb. An electronic ballast will only provide approximately 600-watts to the bulb. This will cause a color shift and a decrease in lamp life.