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Is White German Shepherd rare?

Is White German Shepherd rare?

White German Shepherds are rare. With that being said, you can find them at a breeder that specializes in this color of the breed. It’s far more likely that a puppy will end up with a white coat if you are getting your White GSD from a breeder that has both parents that are White coated.

Are White German Shepherds mixed?

Their thick white coats definitely make them stand out from other German Shepherds (GSDs). Don’t be confused, though. This distinct-looking dog is simply a German Shepherd with an all-white coat. They’re not a separate breed from the GSD.

What are White German Shepherds called?

This breed is called the White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) and it differs from both AKC German Shepherds and UKC White Shepherds in key areas of appearance, temperament, and health. I’m currently working on an article about that breed. A White Shepherd may be right for you.

How much do White German Shepherds cost?

It appears that a White German Shepherd will usually cost between $2000 and $4000 depending on the breeder. Some breeders may charge more based upon a pup’s lineage, coat color as well as other factors. Alyssa explained roughly how much she paid for her White German Shepherd called Lumi.

Do White German Shepherds bark a lot?

Without enough exercise, your White German Shepherd will quickly become bored and destructive. Watch out for behaviors like barking, digging or chewing. If you see these behaviors it probably means that your White German Shepherd is not receiving sufficient daily exercise.

Are female or male German Shepherd more protective?

Male German Shepherds tend to be better guard dogs than females as they are more territorial, dominant, protective. They’re also bigger and stronger than females and will show aggression if confronted or threatened. Male dogs are also known to spray to mark their territory and ward off attackers.

Are white German Shepherds good family dogs?

White German Shepherds are not as common as other German Shepherds but they aren’t exactly rare either. They make good family dogs, they herd and protect, and they are loyal and intelligent, just like other German Shepherds. With their white coat color they are highly distinctive. 30% Off at

What breed is my German Shepherd mixed with?

We’ve seen German Shepherds mixed with both large and small dog breeds. They’re more common than you think. Though there are so many crosses with the German Shepherds, these are the most popular. 1. Golden Shepherd The Golden Shepherd combines the playful attitude of a Golden Retriever with the devotion and athleticism of a German Shepherd.

What are the best German Shepherd breeds?

West German Working Lines. Breeders based the West German working line on Max von Stephanitz’s vision of the ideal working dog.

  • West German Show Lines.
  • East German Working Lines.
  • Czech Working Lines.
  • American Show Lines.
  • What does a German shepherd mix look like?

    What does a German Shepherd Poodle mix look like? A German Shepherd mixed with Poodle is typically dark brown with a wavy coat. However, their appearance can significantly vary. Shepadoodles can be one solid color or three different colors. Common colors include dark brown, white, black, and light brown.