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What is the meaning of Cloddish?

What is the meaning of Cloddish?

Definitions of cloddish. adjective. heavy and dull and stupid. synonyms: doltish stupid. lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity.

What is Cloddy?

Cloddy definition Filters. (of soil or earth) Characterized by the presence of clods. adjective.

What does Marl mean?

Definition of marl : a loose or crumbling earthy deposit (as of sand, silt, or clay) that contains a substantial amount of calcium carbonate. Other Words from marl Example Sentences Learn More About marl.

What does the word clownish mean?

Definition of clownish : resembling or befitting a clown (as in ignorance and lack of sophistication)

Is marl a name?

Meaning of Marl: Name Marl in the English origin, means A lovely wood. Name Marl is of English origin and is a Boy name. People with name Marl are usually Judaism by religion.

What is the meaning of Mora?

Definition of mora : the minimal unit of measure in quantitative verse equivalent to the time of an average short syllable.

Is Gaggy a word?

Gaggy definition Disgusting enough to provoke a gag reflex. Ice cream with rock salt in it is gaggy.

What’s another word for clownish?

Some common synonyms of clownish are boorish, churlish, and loutish. While all these words mean “uncouth in manners or appearance,” clownish suggests ill-bred awkwardness, ignorance or stupidity, ungainliness, and often a propensity for absurd antics.

What is the word numbskull mean?

a dull or stupid person
Definition of numbskull 1 : a dull or stupid person : dunce. 2 : a thick or muddled head.

What does the word guffawing mean?

a burst of loud laughter
: a burst of loud laughter. guffaw. verb. guffawed; guffawing.

What does clod mean in slang?

A dull, stupid person
Clod definition A dull, stupid person; a dolt.

Is Marl a girl name?

Meaning of Marl: Name Marl in the English origin, means A lovely wood. Name Marl is of English origin and is a Boy name.

What name is Mark?

What Does Mark Mean? Mark is a traditionally masculine name that means “consecrated to the god Mars.” It is derived from the Latin name Mart-kos.

Is mora a name?

Origins. Mora is a surname with old Roman (Latin) origins that originated in Spain and Portugal, but Mora was first found in Castile, one of medieval Spain’s most important Christian kingdoms. Mora translates to “blackberry”, which is an edible fruit.

What is another word for cloddish?

See more synonyms for cloddish on adjective. of, relating to, or resembling a clod or boor; doltish; stolid.

What is a cloddish man?

Like a clod, a person who is foolish, stupid or parochial. He was a cloddish man, like he’d just fallen off the turnip wagon and hadn’t quite woken up yet from his long trip from the country. Of or pertaining to lumpy soil.

What is the meaning of clod?

A lump or chunk, especially of earth or clay. 2. Earth or soil. 3. A dull, stupid person; a dolt. [Middle English, variant of clot, lump; see clot.] clod′dishadj. clod′dish·lyadv.

What does the historian say about the cloddish farmer?

Raw-boned, angular, cloddish but as strong as a mule, he towered over her in a maddening atmosphere of proprietorship. Two cloddish -looking contadini stood gazing at him, rapt in awe. The historian remarks: “The cloddish, shiftless farmer is perhaps safer in Massachusetts.”