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How do you support a granite surface plate?

How do you support a granite surface plate?

A) A surface plate should be supported at 3 points, ideally located 20% of the length in from the ends of the plate. Two supports should be located 20% of the width in from the long sides, and the remaining support should be centered. Only 3 points can rest solidly on anything but a precision surface.

Does a surface plate need to be level?

If the plate is properly supported, precise leveling is only necessary if your application calls for it. Leveling is not necessary to maintain the accuracy of a properly supported plate.

How flat is a granite surface plate?

This granite reference plate is used to measure objects, mostly in metal work, for flatness and squareness. It is flat to within 3 µm (1 µm = 0.001 mm) measured from a corner across the surface.

How do I know if my surface plate is flatness?

The overall flatness is often checked with a laser interferometer, autocollimator, electronic levels, or master straightedge and indicator. For all of these methods, a series of measurement lines across the surface plate are made and then the lines are combined into a three dimensional analysis of the overall flatness.

How often should a granite surface plate be calibrated?

Depending on plate usage, shop environment and required accuracy, frequency of checking the surface plate accuracy varies. A general rule of thumb is for a new plate to receive a full recalibration within one year of purchase. If the plate is used frequently, it is advisable to shorten this interval to six months.

How often should a surface plate be calibrated?

Do surface plates need to be calibrated?

Surface Plate Calibration is the only sure way to know that you are working with a level surface and can expect accurate workmanship when the surface plate is in use. Surface plates wear over time and must be properly maintained to ensure flatness and continued precision measurement.

How do I set up a surface plate?

Having verified both levels are in agreement and the surface plate is laid out in a grid with diagonals, you are ready to start. Plant the reference level in one corner and align it on the long edge. Set the working level right in front of it and note the difference in vial readings between reference and working levels.

Do granite counters need to be level before installing?

Of course, old houses and their cabinets can settle over time. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the cabinets or the house, but they do need to be as level as possible before your granite counters are installed. If the cabinets are new, and they aren’t even and level, then they weren’t installed right.

What certifications do you have for granite?

We are ISO 9001 Certified and our granite is quarried in the state of California. 17025 Accredited Calibration. Calibration, Resurfacing, and Repair Services are available on-site or at our and residues. It leaves the surface clean, allowing instruments to slide without the resistance that wears down the precision surface.

Can I drill and add inserts to my granite countertops?

On-site Service to drill and add inserts to your granite is also available. To schedule on-site service or to establish travel charge to your facility in Southern California, please contact our Sales Department. More Info…