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How much is a Mazda Protege catalytic converter worth?

How much is a Mazda Protege catalytic converter worth?

Mazda Protege Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Mazda Protege catalytic converter replacement is between $1,231 and $1,283. Labor costs are estimated between $115 and $146 while parts are priced between $1,116 and $1,138.

Is Walker a good brand for catalytic converters?

For a price MUCH cheaper than an OEM part and even much cheaper than a lot of aftermarket parts, these converters are a great deal and they work too. It’s been about 20,000 miles since the replacement of the converter and it’s still doing great.

Does a Mazda Protege have a catalytic converter?

Your Mazda Protege is at risk of failing its emissions test until you’ve replaced its damaged catalytic converter.

What are the most valuable scrap catalytic converters?

According to data from 2020, the most expensive catalytic converter belonged to the Ferrari F430, with a mind-popping $3,770.00 price tag. Moreover, the F430 needed two of them, so a full replacement would run car owners $7,540 before labor costs.

How long does a walker catalytic converter last?

California Installation Requirements Aftermarket converters are required to last for 5 years/50,000 miles.

What is the warranty on Walker catalytic converters?

Each unit is covered by a limited lifetime warranty and 90-day Safe & Sound ® Guarantee.

How much are used cats worth?

Metal/Material Current Price
Small Foreign Cat Small foreign cat. GET QUOTE VIEW METAL DETAILS $87-$201/each
Medium Foreign Cat Medium cat from foreign cars. GET QUOTE VIEW METAL DETAILS $139-$350/each
Pre-Domestic Cat Pre-Domestic Cat. GET QUOTE VIEW METAL DETAILS $32-$169/each

Are aftermarket catalytic converters legal?

Aftermarket catalytic converters must be exempted from California’s anti-tampering laws in order to be legally sold and installed in the state.

Is catalytic converter covered under insurance?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, then you’re typically covered against catalytic converter theft. Comprehensive coverage will typically pay to replace the stolen catalytic converter and repair any related damage from its removal.

Is P0421 serious?

The P0421 code can be very serious. If the catalytic converter has failed and the engine is not running properly, severe engine damage can result from continuing to drive the vehicle.