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How old is Kagura and Okita?

How old is Kagura and Okita?

Character Chart

Name Age Birthday
Kagura 14 Nov 3
Toshiro Hijikata 27 May 5
Isao Kondo 28 Sep 4
Sogo Okita 18 Jul 8

Did Kagura and Sougo end up together?

In the end, it seems like Kagura does not love Sougo romantically and will always share a sibling-like dynamic with most characters, let alone him. Seeing how love and relationships have been portrayed in Gintama, this is not that surprising. In fact, most prefer it this way.

Who is ├│kita Sougo?

├ôkita Sougo is the Shinsengumi 1st Division Captain, and was a trainee at Kondou Isao ‘s dojo in his youth. He is the younger brother of Okita Mitsuba who raised him after their parents dies. He was one of the best swordsmen there even before joining the force where he is also recognized as one of the best swordsman in the Shinsengumi.

Why did Okita Mitsuba go with Sougo to Edo?

A few years later, Sougo, along with the other dojo students set off for Edo and subsequently set up the Shinsengumi. Okita Mitsuba wanted to go with Sougo to watch over him and to be with Hijikata.

Does Okita listen to rakugo?

that Okita probably listens to Rakugo (a Japanese comic storytelling) In Gintama the Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya, Sougo is similar to Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. He even has the same speech patterns and is even referred to as “manslayer” just like Kenshin.

Is Okita a girl or a boy?

Sorachi originally designed Okita as a female wielding an umbrella; however, he had to be changed to a male since only men are allowed in the Shinsengumi. The umbrella ended up being given to Kagura and the appearance to Otsu ; the female samurai idea went to Imai Nobume of Mimawarigumi.

Who is Gintoki love interest?

Though several female characters have shown an interest in Gintoki, such as Shimura Tae, Sarutobi Ayame and Tsukuyo, it is shown that most of their love is unrequited. However, he does have a huge crush on the weather girl, Ketsuno Ana, and once stated he wished to marry her (possibly because of her smile).