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Can you get used to aircraft noise?

Can you get used to aircraft noise?

Aircraft noise affects people in different ways. Many people who live under flight paths get used to the aircraft noise. Some aviation enthusiasts even like being up close to the runway.

What does FlightAware cost?

It’s free. FlightAware compiles, aggregates, and processes data from over 50 government sources (in Europe, the Americas, and Oceania), dozens of airlines, commercial data providers, as well as thousands of receivers in FlightAware’s ADS-B flight tracking network.

Does FlightAware track Air Force One?

According to FlightAware, the FAA does not make flight data from military aircraft — including Air Force One — available to public websites and will block the ability to track any aircraft after a verified request from the plane’s owner.

Where can I find the real-time location of an aircraft?

The real-time aircraft location information shown here for flight tracking purposes is an online service provided by, which is operated by Stockholm-based sky scanner company Flightradar24 AB.

How do I use the live flight tracking map?

Explore the skies around you or anywhere in the world using our live flight tracking map. Click on any aircraft or airport for a more detailed view, and use the layer icon in the top right corner to add weather layers and more.

How do I find the aircraft type on the flight radar?

This information and the aircraft type are displayed in a menu on the flight radar when you click on an aircraft. If you use the flight tracker, you can access the various airports quickly and easily via the menu. You will find the following flight radars, amongst others:

Are all the flights shown on the flight radar in real time?

Not all of the flights shown on the flight radar are displayed in real time: FAA regulations require a delay of approximately 5 minutes for flights whose data is provided directly by the FAA; this applies in particular to the North American airspace.