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How do I prepare for the firefighter physical exam?

How do I prepare for the firefighter physical exam?

All candidates should drink water before exercise, during exercise and after exercise. Additionally, you should drink at least one liter of water one hour before your CPAT. A proper warm-up should begin with a few of minutes of the same type of activity you are about to do at a very light exertion level.

What does the firefighter written exam look like?

The FCTC Written Exam is a 100 question, multiple choice test consisting of the following four sections: Section 1 – Recall and Comprehend Verbal and Visual Information. This section requires candidates to watch two short videos and answer questions based on the scenarios presented.

How many pushups should a firefighter do?

They found that firefighters who were able to perform at least 40 push-ups at that cadence had a 96-percent lower chance of developing heart disease over 10 years compared to those who could only complete 10 or less.

How many pull-ups does a firefighter have to do?

Candidates must do 7 pull-ups, 45 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run in less than 11 minutes (McCall’s elevation is 5000′). The test is taken in one time frame with five-minute breaks between specific exercises. Remember, these are just the minimums. Much more will be required during the following five weeks.

What is the hardest part of the CPAT?

The first event of the CPAT is the stair climb and is done on a step mill. It is the hardest part of the test and is most often the difference between passing and failing. That’s why it is so important to join a gym with a step mill and to get yourself a vest.

How to pass the firefighter test?

Age: applicants must be at least 18 to take the assessments and may need to be 21 to be hired.

  • Background check: the applicant must pass a background check.
  • Medical and psychological examination: applicants must demonstrate that they are physically and mentally capable of performing the duties of the job
  • High-school diploma or GED
  • Drug test
  • How to pass the firefighter written exam?

    – Directional orientation – Mechanical aptitude – Situational reasoning – Basic math skills – Reading comprehension – Spelling, grammar and vocabulary

    What is the written exam for firefighters?

    The firefighter written exam is one way fire departments narrow down the pool of candidates. There is not one specific written exam, but most fire departments use similar assessments. Just as there is not one specific written test, there is not a standard process for hiring, as each fire department has its own procedures.

    What is on the Firefighter Exam?

    Exam. The Firefighter exam does not require you to have any special knowledge of firefighting or the Fire Department. The exam includes multiple-choice questions that test on reading, problem-solving and applying rules and concepts. Once you pass the written test, you also must do an in-person interview with FDNY Officers.