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What does mango wood mean?

What does mango wood mean?

What is Mango Wood? Mango Wood, scientific name Mangifera Indica is a hard wood that is part of the Anacardiaceae family, which includes plants like pistachio, cashe, an poison ivy. Originally native to Southeast Asia, particularly India and Myanmar, the presence of mango wood grew with the thriving mango industry.

Is mango considered a hardwood?

Homeowners commonly use mango wood as an alternative to furniture woods like Oak, Maple, and Mahogany. This is because mango wood is considered a hardwood, and it has some consistent patterns that make it ideal for making appealing furniture products.

What is another name for mango wood?

Mangifera Indica (noun)

Is mango wood used for furniture?

Mango wood is extensively used in Indian Furniture. When it passes its fruit-bearing stage, it can be cut down to be used in furniture. This process can be repeated throughout the life cycle of a mango tree. Mango wood will only need less finish due to its fine grain.

What is the quality of mango wood?

Mango wood is categorised as a hardwood due to its strength, density and durability. The wood doesn’t wear out quickly and when looked after properly, can keep its high luster texture for many years. Unlike other hardwoods, Mango wood can easily be cut and re-shaped which makes it a great option for furniture makers.

Where is mango wood furniture from?

Mango wood is grown in South East Asia, Mexico, Brazil and parts of Australia – a commodity that spans three continents. It is in essence a by-product of the mango fruit industry. Mango trees grow incredibly fast, taking only around 10-15 years to reach full productivity and a height of up to 100 feet.

Which wood is better mango or sheesham?

Mango wood is also strong and durable, but it has the added quality of being highly resistant to water. It’s not as heavy has sheesham wood, which is a benefit for those wishing to move furniture occasionally. People who choose mango wood for furniture like the greenish brown color and the course texture of it.

Is mango wood good for sofa?

Mango wood is categorised as a hardwood, due to its dense grains. This means it is a strong and durable wood making it perfect for furniture. Due to the density of the wood, it doesn’t wear out easily and can keep its high lustre texture for many years.

Is mango wood same as Sheesham?

Is Sheesham a mango wood?

Sheesham has a high grain capacity, which makes it more durable in comparison to mango wood. For those who prefer lighter furniture with a minimalist appeal, mango wood is an ideal choice, as it’s widely used for making corner tables, coffee tables and chairs, whereas sheesham wood is heavier and not as mobile.

Is mango wood furniture?

What colour is mango wood?

golden brown
The natural colour of mango wood is light to golden brown. However, mango wood is often beautifully discoloured due to ‘spalting’ — referring to the different colours wood can turn as a result of fungus.

Is mango wood like oak?

When unstained and finished only in clear wax, this wood is generally slightly darker than oak with a more pronounced grain pattern, similar to oak and mahogany. Mango wood also takes wood stain really well, which can produce a rich deep brown colour.