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How did Oregon vote in 2012?

How did Oregon vote in 2012?

Obama carried Oregon with 54.24% of the vote to Romney’s 42.15%, a Democratic victory margin of 12.09%.

Is Oregon a red or blue state 2020?

Oregon leans Democratic as a state, with both U.S. senators from the Democratic party, as well as four out of Oregon’s five U.S. Representatives. The Democratic candidate for president has won in Oregon in every election since 1988.

How did Oregon vote in 2008?

Oregon was won by Democratic nominee Barack Obama with a 16.4% margin of victory.

How did Oregon vote in the 2020 presidential election?

Elected President Oregon, as with its fellow West Coast neighbors, continued its tradition of voting for the Democratic candidate this cycle, with Joe Biden winning the state by 16.1%, an increase from Hillary Clinton’s 11% win in 2016.

Who won Oregon in 2020?

Donald Trump ran unopposed and was declared the winner in the Republican primary, and thus received all of Oregon’s 28 delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention.

How is living in Oregon?

What is the best city in Oregon to live in? In 2021, U.S. News and World Report ranked Portland as the safest place to live in the country and the 8th for best places to live. It is also one of the environmentally greenest cities in the U.S. This is impressive since it is also the state’s largest city.

How many electors does Oregon have?

Current allocations

Alabama – 9 votes Kentucky – 8 votes North Dakota – 3 votes
Alaska – 3 votes Louisiana – 8 votes Ohio – 18 votes
Arizona – 11 votes Maine – 4 votes Oklahoma – 7 votes
Arkansas – 6 votes Maryland – 10 votes Oregon – 7 votes
California – 55 votes Massachusetts – 11 votes Pennsylvania – 20 votes

What state is most like Oregon?

The Chicago skyline. Illinois is the state that’s most demographically similar to the United States as a whole….Daily Kos.

SCORE 31.9
2ND MOST Arizona
3RD MOST Oregon