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How much does a plank of mahogany cost?

How much does a plank of mahogany cost?

Mahogany is sometimes sold by the board foot, and prices can average $6 to $28 or more per piece. This is about 10 times more than comparable furniture-grade woods.

Is it illegal to buy mahogany?

“This wood is illegal as a matter of both U.S. and international law. It is illegal to trade in it, to import it, and to possess it. Even so, the Bush administration has done nothing to stop Peruvian mahogany from entering the country,” said Carroll Muffett, director of Defenders of Wildlife’s International Program.

Where do you get mahogany wood?

On the American continent, Mahogany ranges from southern Mexico, northern Guatemala, and British Honduras, through Central America to northern Columbia and Venezuela. (Chaloner & Fleming; Mahogany & Timber Brokers, 1850) Since then, Mahogany has been found on the rivers tributary to the upper Amazon in Brazil and Peru.

Is mahogany wood still available?

Mahogany is still widely used for fine furniture; however, the rarity of Cuban mahogany, the over-harvesting of Honduras and Brazilian mahogany, and the protests by indigenous peoples and environmental organizations from the 1980s into the 2000s, have diminished their use.

Is mahogany wood legal?

Following the path of ivory, in 2003, mahogany was listed on the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as a species in need of strict regulation to prevent its extinction. Because Peruvian mahogany is traded in violation of CITES, it is illegal to trade or possess it under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

What are the disadvantages of Mahogany wood?


  • As it is very hard as compared to others, it is difficult to cut, give different shapes, and also have a tiring installation process.
  • As mahogany hardwood floors absorb sunlight, the color of the wood becomes darker over time.

Is Mahogany wood expensive?

Mahogany is so expensive because it has a high demand and is becoming increasingly hard to acquire. The high demand of Mahogany is due to its pleasing appearance, dark fine grain, and long lasting durability. Mahogany has also become more scarce leading to a lack of supply and higher prices.

Is solid mahogany good?

Yes, Mahogany is an incredibly strong wood with relatively higher compressive strength and bending strength than most woods. It is a highly durable and robust wood. because of being strong, Mahogany is a popular choice in furniture making, yachts and boat making, flooring, doors, musical instruments, and many more.

Why is mahogany wood so expensive?