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What country code is 388?

What country code is 388?

With the intent of forming a trans-Europe numbering plan as an option (or then future movement) for anyone needing multi-national European telephone presence, the ITU allocated country calling code +388 as a subdivided, catch-all container for such services.

What area code is plus 380?

COLUMBUS — Using the phone is about to change in Columbus. 380 is the new area code people will start to see in central Ohio.

What is the country code for Belarus?

+375Belarus / Dialing code

Which area code is 338?

A new international pay-per-call phone number missed call scam has been identified from France (+338).

What phone number starts with 380?

Ukraine Country Code 380 Country Code UA.

What is the code of France?

+33France / Dialing code

Is Belarus in the EU?

Belarus joined the European Higher Education Area (the Bologna Process) and became an observer in the Northern Dimension. In October 2016, Belarus, the EU and seven of its’ Member States (Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Finland) signed a Mobility Partnership Declaration.

What area code is 383?

The dialing code for Kosovo is +383. It was assigned by the ITU following an agreement between the authorities in the capitals of Pristina and Belgrade in an EU-led dialog between Serbia.

Where is Salt Lake City located?

Salt Lake CityOgden
Great Salt Lake/Cities

The satellite view shows Salt Lake City, capital and the most populous city of Utah, a landlocked state in the western United States. The city is located at the southeastern end of the Great Salt Lake on the Jordan River with the Wasatch mountain ranges to the east.

What country uses +380?

Ukraine Country
Ukraine Country Code 380 – Worldometer.

Is 048 a free number?

All calls to 048 numbers will be charged the same rate as any call within Ireland. For many people – these numbers will be included in their “free” allocation – so will not cost any extra at all.